Landing the ladies…or at least giving it a try 101

I always say that if you are going to go fishing, know what you are going to be fishing for and bring the right equipment. So if you are fishing for the ladies, whether it be the late night wounded gazelle or your next ex-wife. Be prepared like a boy scout and your chances of landing a lady will increase 10 fold. Heck, you wouldn’t go camping in the woods in a tuxedo would you (unless you are me)? So don’t go out over/under dressed either. The First step is to figure out where you’re going to be doing your hunting. Get dressed, but remember to always keep it simple. Most Ladies like a guy wearing something that fits, isn’t too flashy, and wears well on them. When you do these simple things it shows style, confidence and believe it or not, intelligence. So, grab your self a pair of well fitting jeans, a t-shirt with a good fit and minimal branding, maybe even a shirt with some buttons and you will always look like you know what you are doing. Not even if 99% of us do.

P.S. Easy on the smelly stuff, for real I mean it bro… seriously if it’s that bad, grab some lady speed stick and put kibosh on the Aqua Digio already!

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