Kazuhiro Kokubo is Almost Kicked out of the Olympics for Baggy Pants

True story. In the airport leaving Japan to go to theĀ  Olympics all the athletes were to wear a uniform, but Kazuhiro Kokubo showed up wearing it with a little of his own flair. Japanese officials were so outraged they made him do a formal apology. Kazu apparently gave the apology pretty sarcastically, which made the whole situation way worse. They wanted him on the first plane home to Japan and weren’t going to let him compete at the Olympics, but after some begging and pleading from the head of the Japanese delegation he would be allowed to stay. But Kazu had to give a second heartfelt apology, and him, his team manager and two coaches were not allowed to attend the opening ceremonies. The others were punished for failing to supervise their charge. Check out the story HERE.


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  2. Dude, that jacket’s pretty fly on the guy on the left. Funny story though.

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