Kaitlyn Farrington Wins USSA Grand Prix Series Championship Title

Kaitlyn Farrington – USSA Grand Prix Series Champion

Kaitlyn Farrington, a House team rider,  is good at many things, two of which are snowboarding and winning money.  On Saturday March 4th, 2012 at the USSA Mammoth Mountain Grand Prix Kaitlyn did both at the same time.

“I was most psyched the weather cleared up for the contest.” said Kaitlyn about the skies opening up at the USSA Mammoth Mountain Grand Prix, the last event stop for the USSA Grand Prix Series.  The previous day’s blizzard put mountain operations on hold, but that didn’t alter Kaitlyn’s motivation to win the $10,000 Maloof Best Trick for her Backside 900!  Despite not riding a halfpipe since her surgery from a Park City wrist dislocation and ligament separation two weeks ago, Kaitlyn strapped in and took a $7,500 2nd place on the Mammoth podium.  Kaitlyn’s 4th place finish at the Copper Grand Prix in December combined with her 2nd place finish at Mammoth made her the overall USSA Grand Prix Series Women’s Champion worth $20,000!  It looks like a day of snowboarding for Kaitlyn is valued at $37,500 – That’s a little less than the average American salary.

Kaitlyn is on her way to the US Open, a Burton Global Open Series contest, at Stratton Mountain.  Stay tuned and check out the live feeds March 7th – 10th at www.burton.com.  Follow Kaitlyn on her world winning adventures…Twitter: kaitlynfarr & Instagram: kaitlynfarr






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