High Cascade Session 4

Recap of Session 4 at High cascade Snowboard Camp

At The High Cascade Summer Snowboard Camp the season is almost over. The last and final session starts Aug. 5 and runs through Aug. 12th. To learn more about High Cascade visit their website www.highcascade.com or just check the video below.

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  1. the reason i want one is i dont have one and my friends make fun of me and all i ride is a scooter and i really want a bike so if you would please donate on to me i would apprecieate it thankyou michael

  2. Have you been tweeting? We have another BMX giveaway happening this Friday Via Twitter!

  3. my friend are alwas bragging ropping it in my face and all i have is a land shark and i would love to hame a bike thank you alot

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