Heres how the Olympic standings are shaping up

Three out of four of the halfpipe contests to qualify for the Olympics are said and done, and it has been an epic battle. So far, Shaun White and Kelly Clark have secured a spot to compete in Vancouver with two, 1st place finishes. That means that there are still three spots open on both the men’s and women’s team. The way things are looking right now it’s really hard to predict who will be joining Shaun and Kelly.

The spots on the Olympic team will be determined by using the top two finishes for every competitor, so the total number of points for all the stops together doesn’t really matter. All that matters is the combine points for the top two finishes of each rider. Anything can still happen, but in my opinion this is what I think the Olympic teams are going to look like:


Shaun White, LouiĀ  Vito, Zach Black, and the fourth spot could either go to JJ Thomas, Danny D., or Scotty Lago


Kelly Clark, Gretchen Bleiler, Hannah Teter, and Elena Hight

But, ya just never really know. Here are the total scores so far, and you can make your own predictions:



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