Haunted Hyland – House of 1817 – Full Video

Haunted Hyland Full Video

It only took the House of 1817 thirteen minutes and twelve seconds to capture the essence of Hyland Hills in Bloomington, MN.  That’s it, 13:12.  Having gone to the Haunted Hyland video premiere I did my best to rememeber the stand out clips and parts but was taken aback by the fact I couldn’t.  The whole flick is mesmerizing and I found myself in a trance of amazment. Every damn person slaughtered throughout Haunted Hyland.  Watch it and then watch it again.

Riding by:

Chris Duncan, Jordan Daniels, Jake OE, Boody, Chris Carr, Colton Mogan, Joe Sexton, Danimals, Travis Peterson, Jack Thonvold, Stephen Paulson, Jon Overson, Chris Grenier, Alex Colorito, Jake Moore, Cody Beiersdorf, Tommy Gesme, Louif Paradis, Justin Fronius, Colin Wilson, and Aidan Flanagan

Filmed by:

Jake Durham, Riley Erikson, Brett Spurr, Tanner Pendleton, and Jon Stark

Edited by:

Jake Durham and Riley Erikson

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