Happy Fail’th Of July!

“If you don’t like they way things are here in Merica then you can git out.” – Jim Bob

Everyone loves to celebrate their countries Independence Day! Heck, who doesn’t love to just get weird and party hardy! I enjoy partaking in the New Year’s celebrations, Independence Days, Flag Days, beer fests, heritage festivals, ribbon cutting ceremonies, elections and pretty much any excuse I can find to have a good time. But with all the excitement and care free spirit that celebrating can conjure up, it is important to remember that bad ideas always sound awesome, but can take a turn for the worst very quickly.

Keep in mind, your friend is likely NOT: a stunt man, professional pyrotechnics coordinator, NASCAR driver, Ultimate Fighter, distance swimmer, astronaut, nuclear physicist, or constitutional legal expert. So, in celebration of the birthday of our great and bad ass nation, let’s take a few minutes to remember why you, your neighbors, friends and family make these United States the greatest country on Earth. Stay safe, stay clear of  zombies and have a Happy 4th Of July!

1.Don’t Worry Be Happy

2.Fire Safety

3. Kids Say the Darndest Things.

4. Don’t Drink and Drive.

5. Water Safty

Here is a bonus video to send you into the weekend with high spirits.

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