Gear Review: Skullcandy Ti Headphones


I recently bought the Skullcandy Ti Tokidoki headphones so I could watch snowboard videos at the office and not disturb everyone around me. When I was looking at getting a pair of headphones I didn’t really know what I was looking for or what all the specs meant and I ended up getting the Tokidokis because of their style. I didn’t realize till after what a great buy they actually were…

My decision came down between two choices and, like I just said, I ended up getting the Tokidokis because I liked the way they looked better. Yeah, they were a little more expensive than the other pair I was looking at, but I guess that day I was in the mood to splurge. Every time I place those puppies on my head I am most definitely not regretting spending a little more cash and they totally paid off. They are ridiculously comfortable. They fit over caps, beanies, hoods and whatever else may sit on your head. They adjust to just about every angle and size you can dream of.  They sound amazing and drown out 90% of the surrounding noise pollution.


The sound that the Skullcandy Ti’s have is unbelievable. I have never really owned a pair of high quality headphones before, but these bad boys blew me away. They are crystal clear and have intense bass. I was using my little ipod ear buds before I made the switch to the Tokidokis and now when I go back to watch videos or listen to songs again I’m hearing things that I never knew where there before. It wasn’t like before I could hear something, but I couldn’t make it out. The Tokidokis straight up picked up the smallest little background noise that wasn’t there before and brought it out clear as day. I’m pretty stoked on them.


Skullcandy gave the Tokidoki a few awesome little specs too. They have a 16 – 20 Hz temporal frequency, a 40 mm speaker diameter, an extension cable so you can either wear the cord long or short, a volume control on the cord so it’s easy to adjust on the go as you’re riding, and the ones I got came with extra ear pads, a stereo adapter, a handy carrying bag and a Skullcandy bandanna. I love the Skullcandy Ti Tokidoki headphones. Definitely take a listen some time, the sound that Skullcandy put into the Ti will floor you, the Tokidokis look super fly, and Tokidoki is fun to say.

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