Gear Review: Electric EG2 Goggles


I ended up trying on the Electric EG2 goggles because they happened to be sitting in Paul’s office (The House photographer and fellow blogger) I had been looking for goggles for some time and I eventually came to the conclusion I wanted Electric goggles, but I wasn’t for sure which ones until I put these babies on.

The EG2 are the tippy top of the line for snow goggles from Electric. The specs for these guys include an ergonomic frame design, which means there is less frame so you can see more and it is lighter weight. They have a mold injected thermo plastic urethane frame, so they are durable and will protect your face better from impact. The lenses are 100% UV protective so they are great for your eyes. The EG2 goggles have an oversized dual spherical polycarbonate lens. The oversized spherical part of that means you will be able to see everything on the hill. Your peripheral vision will come alive and you will be able to use it better than you would for scopin some eye candy. The Dual lens will prevent fogging with dead air space between the inner and outer lenses. To continue in the anti fog category, the EG2 are equipped with a hard coating to be fog resistant and also scratch resistant. They will be super comfortable on your face with contoured triple layer face foam.


The specs of these goggles aren’t there to just make them sound good. I could instantly tell each of them when I put the EG2s on. I could see for days in every direction, the frame was hardly even noticeable in my field of vision. They are a pretty big goggle for my face, but they were so light weight I didn’t notice how big they actually were until I looked in a mirror. Speaking of mirrors, the lenses they come with are a great mirrored lens with a bronze tint. I didn’t get to wear them out on the hill since I haven’t actually bought them yet, but rest assured these goggles are getting added to my snow collection.

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