Garrett McNamara – 100 ft wave?

If you where impressed by Garrett  McNamara before you going to love this. On January 28th McNamara returned to Nazaré and surfed what appear to be 100 foot wave. When the wave size is verified it could possible break his previous Guinness World Record  by 10-20 feet.

The Hawaiian Garrett McNamara surfing at the pumps of Cannon Nazareth, Portugal. This  video “November Sessions” is part of the project Zon North Canyon Show, which aims to promote the North Beach as a tourist destination for surfing the big waves.

Film by Jorge Leal, Gustavo Neves, Filipe e Ana Reis
Edited by Jorge Leal – POLVO

Music by: Jess Mills – Pixelated People (Wilkinson Remix)

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