Friday Freebie Giveaway!

You may have heard that every Friday we give away hot-new product to one lucky customer of the week. It’s the easiest contest in the world to enter. Fo’ril’do. Order gear from that week- get automatically entered for Friday’s random drawing. So easy even your grandma can do it.

Every Friday we post a video so that lucky S.O.B. gets bragging rights. Be sure to check back in after every order.

So Evan from Flower Mound, TX… Come on down! You’ve won yourself a brand spanking new Sessions Stripe Softshell Hoodie… complete with hide-away thumb and mittens. (The hide away mittens are actually way cooler than they sound.)

Next week we’re giving away a pair of Burton Mission snowboard bindings. Check ’em out below and get crackin’ on those orders.

Burton Mission Bindings

2 Responses to “Friday Freebie Giveaway!”

  1. Ramiro Bautista on said:

    Im currently deployed in Iraq and im looking to do some snowboarding shopping and these bindings are pretty sick. Ive been over here in Iraq since last December and we have about 3 months left so i missed out on all of last snowboarding season, im no experienced but i can stand up n ride down the mountains as long as im not hitting any jumps or things like that…im hoping to make it to the mountains this season and having these bindings would be awesome. Hope you all at House Boardshop are having a great time…Take care

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