Fresh snow on Mt. Hood!

It has snowed 6″ in the last 48 hours on Mt. Hood!  Roomers in Govy are saying that the lifts will start running at Timberline on October 11th!

It’s funny to hear all of the blogs blowing up about CO getting snow, I’VE BEEN RIDING MT. HOOD FOR 4 WEEKS ALREADY!

If you’ve ever been to Hood in the summer you understand that in Govy it’ll be overcast and raining, and then you hit an 8,500 elevation and the clouds disappear.  Although usually it’s sunny, every once and a while it’ll be a complete whiteout.  I always pack my Oakley Jupiter shades and my Oakley Crowbars with BOTH Pink Iridium and Fire Iridium lenses just in case the the weather changes.

I hope you enjoy the pics!

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