#FFFreebie Winner Announced + Next Weeks RAD Prize

Congrats to Kayla from Minnesota for winning this weeks Follow Friday Freebie for our weekly Twitter giveaway.

Next weeks prize is a blast from the past package. We’re going to give one winner a pair of Gravis shoes, 25 epic VHS skateboard and snowboard movies and a VCR to watch the movies with (since we know most of you probably don’t own a VHS player).

Big thanks to our friends at LP Audio and Visual for hooking up the Panasonic AG-1320 VCR.

To enter follow Houseboardshop on Twitter, retweet or mention to win!

Read More to see pictures of next weeks prizes.


You could be the lucky winner of skate and snowboard history…


And we know none of your friends own one of these…

2 Responses to “#FFFreebie Winner Announced + Next Weeks RAD Prize”

  1. OMG, this would be so funny, yet so cool at the same time. I could actually have weeks of entertainment & possibly even use the VCR for transferring old VHS tape to computer to digitize them & archieve old stuff. This could be pretty cool! Laugh if you want to, but seriously… By the way, there’s a bunch of wakeboarding stuff up there to, just sayin’.

  2. Shamefully I know exactly what a VHS is @vermontffl

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