Every Third Thursday- Pump Up Snowboard

Over the past 20 years air pumps have been incorporated into a verity of products. Such as basketball shoes, beds, snowboard boots, helmets, ski boots, paddle boards, bindings and snowboards.  Signal Inflatable Snowboard is a pretty cool concept, but it is not the first of its kind. Back in 2006 F2 came out with the Revolution Air Snowboard, which originally retails for around $540. Unlike Signal inflatable board the F2 pump up snowboard actually went into production to create a board that tried to redefine what an all mountain snowboard could be.

F2 Revolution Air- Pump Up Snowboard



Ever considered what breed your next board is going to be? Freestyle? Freeride? Or Hybrid? Maybe a that powdergun you always wanted? Forget it all! The F2 Revolution- pump up- Snowobar is the original quiver killer. From Chowder to Powder this board can do it all.

The F2 Revolution Air Features:

  • Include on hand pump and board bag
  • Inflatable air tubes allow you to control Stiffness and Dampening
  • 30deg Sidewalls, degressive tips
  • V 30 quadraxial Kevlar, G 40 Light Core
  • F-8000 NanoBase, StrucTurn Finish, AIRBASE
  • Sidecut: 8.1m
  • Eff.edge: 121.6cm
  • Waist width: 25.1cm
  • Setback : 2.5cm






is this is not the first snowboard able to “Pump up the Jam”

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