ESPY Awards – Best Action Sport Athletes

Another awards show I’ll never watch wrapped up last night, the ESPN ESPY (Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly) Awards.  What has ESPN and large corporations done for snowboarding?  Two things…

  1. Provided contests, that 99.9% of snowboarders will never be invited to because they lack in natural talent department or have a willingness to not sell their soles for “stardom”, with huge cash purses.
  2. Brainwashed the average American consumer into thinking that all snowboarders drive Mini Coopers, drink Mountain Dew, and use Axe Body Spray.
Super-Boy-A-Lister-Lime-Light-Rockstar Shaun White just won his sixth ESPY Award for Best Male Action Sports Athlete.  I guess he beat out T.Rice, Kelly Slater, and some guy named Ryan Villopoto for the ESPY.
I will give credit to ESPN for one thing; awarding Jamie Anderson with an ESPY.  Jamie slays it, and parties hard.  If you ever run into her ask her about the Trofeo Topolino Jr. World Games in Italy.
And no, I don’t drive a Mini, drink Mountain Dew, or use Axe.

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