Drew Bezanson at Toronto BMX Jam 2012

You might already know that Drew Bezanson is insane, but has the skills to back it up! This kid is truly pushing limits of what you can do on a BMX bike. Here are a few clips from the final heat of the pro division in the toronto bmx jam 2012…..pure insanity. The footage is not of the highest quality, but it is still worth watching.


4 Responses to “Drew Bezanson at Toronto BMX Jam 2012”

  1. Jonathan G on said:

    Nice! . I want to learn BMX, a couple of my friends ride and I want to join but I’m broke and so are my parents. I want to get a bike but I don’t want to ask my parents for much. My birthdays coming up and I was wondering if you guys are still doing bike giveaways. I hope you guys can help me out a bit

  2. Hey Jonathan
    We are doing another BMX giveaway! To enter visit http://woobox.com/b4nau3 A winner will be picked tonight (3/28/2012) at 5pm! Good Luck.

  3. Jonathan Gonzalez on said:

    sadly i missed the give away

  4. hi my nane is andre I am 8 years old it is my birthday soon and I want this for my birthday and I want to be good at bmx. Thank you!

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