Coming Soon Pics with Paul

For those of you that don’t know, Paul Loula is our Photographer here at The House. He just graduated with a degree in Graphic Design and the kid has got knowledge all over the place. Some of his recent work would include photos from a little thing I like to call America’s Next Top Pro Model.


Pretty ill I know, so we have decided to put his talent to work for you guys. House Junkies is going to have a section just for Paul to tell you all about the big photographers in the biz, who are out there on the mountain right next to the athletes. He will be able to fill you in on the equipment they are using and maybe even how they get those crazy color palettes we see in pics everywhere now. Plus, a crap ton more about whatever he feels like talking about. And because we are so hilarious and clever, we’re gonna call the section Pics with Paul.

I’m super stoked to see what Paul has to offer, but wait! He’s not done! You can see the skills of this crazy krack at too.

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