Combating Global WARMING

Welcome to the ORIGINAL Earth-shattering fart…

It really is lovely to see someone working creatively to thwart the planet’s manmade problems  Although the actual geographic location of this particular effort isn’t exactly in our own Minnesota backyard, ironically its still essentially in everyones backyard; the good ol’, sweet home, ever-loving, temperamental, hurricane spittin’, turbo-beyatch Mother Earth.

Sergei Zimov is the name of our gassy hero.  “Sometimes ya gotta stab ‘er repeatedly before she nearly blows your face off with a prehistoric fart!” says Mr. Zimov, whilst repeatedly jamming a metal rod into a defenseless, watery hole.  Okay, he never said that, but I like to imagine him saying clever things like regularly.  Just seems to fit with the grizzly, haggard beard.

What he does say, which you’ll no doubt discover after watching the video, is that his first documented utterance in the clip is one of the most profound and Earth-shattering statements yet made by a modern scientist… “This is ice.”  Absolutely remarkable, folks.

Furthermore, the narrator in this film, although eloquently spoken, is conclusively a freedom-hating terrorist as he casually explains the melting permafrost in Chersky, Siberia as a result of “global warming.”  Right when you think we’re past all the silly claims that the Earth is gradually warming due to manmade pollution and ozone depletion, someone comes along and says the Earth must be gradually warming due to manmade pollution and ozone depletion.  How absurd.  Case in point: Minnesota this winter.

Enjoy this film friends, no matter how riddled with seemingly sensical claims, evidence-based information, and admirable scientific deeds.  Challenge question: Have YOU ever lit one of your own Earth-Shattering farts on fire?  If so, tell us the story!  Peace and Love.

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  2. Yes you can but its not recommended, once you use it for waxing your board you should not use it for ironing your clothing. Your best bet would be to go down to the local Good Will or Thrift Store and see if you can find one of those old iron with a flat base. Old Iron for Waxing snowbaords They typicality sell for about $3 to $5.

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