Clair Bidez – Celebrity Doppleganger

Clair Bidez – Celebrity Doppleganger

It’s pretty had to tell the difference between the two beauties above. On the left is Dianna Agron who plays Quinn Fabray on the cast of Glee. On the right is Clair Bidez a professional snowboarder.

I don’t much about Dianna Agron besides the fact that she’s really hot.  On the other hand I do know a little about Clair Bidez.  Clair has her set of belt notches from various Grand Prix podiums, FIS World Cup top tens, and multiple Jr. World Champion podiums – one being 1st.  Oh, and her younger brother Dylan will Front 12 your head off if you ask about Clair’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit shoot.

If I had to choose between Dianna and Clair I’d pick Clair because she rips, and I think, just maybe, she might remember my name (fingers crossed).

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