How to Camp

How 2 Camp v2

How to Camp

Camping, it’s simple enough, just go *outside and stay outside until morning.  Is sleep required for your outdoor activity to be called camping? That’s for you to decide.  As easy as going outside and staying there until morning may seem, there’s a few items that will make it more enjoyable. Check out the list below:

*Not to be confused with homelessness

TentCamping Tent

Having a tent is a great idea.  If it starts to rain camping sucks a lot less in a tent. Setting a tent up is usually the first thing people do when they go camping.  Do yourself a favor and set it up while there’s still sunlight.  Keep a watchful eye on tent stakes, you’ll probably loose a few. [Purchase]

BagSleeping Bag

People tend to put their bodies in sleeping bags while they camp.  You don’t have to stay in them the whole time, just when you’re sleeping.  Find a sleeping bag that fits your body.  Taller than 6″?  Consider getting a “long” sleeping bag.  If you’re camping with a loved one or if you’re obese get a double person sleeping bag, seriously.  [Purchase]

MatSleeping Pad

Do you really need a sleeping pad?  No, but how does your back feel after sleeping on a pinecone and shards of granite?  If you’re going to take one item of leisure camping take a sleeping pad – thank me later.  Some companies make self inflating pads – as if camping wasn’t easy enough.  [Purchase]

PackHiking Pack

There’s nothing better than throwing all of your crap into a huge bag and wondering aimlessly into the woods.  For the most part bigger is better because you’ll definitely want room for 10 pairs of pants and a crock pot.  Chest and waist straps will stabilize the hiking pack when you’re running from wolves. [Purchase]

ShoeHiking Shoes

Nothing beats a pair of flip flops, unless your camping.  Dusty trails, boulders, and insects are no match for a pair of hiking shoes.  Lafayette Bunnell was one of the first non-natives to explore Yosemite Valley, do you think he did it barefoot?  Nope, he wore a pair of Montrails.  Fact. [Purchase]



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