Buffalo Creek BMX

USA BMX Minnesota State Qualifier

What do you get when you combine the American Bike Association and National BMX League?  You get the USA BMX.  USA BMX has a very similar format to the United States of America Snowboard Association (USASA) – riders compete in various point series races to accumulate enough points to qualify for regional, state, and national level races.

To the average person the USA BMX rulebook and bylaws read like Sanskrit.  Even if you don’t know how the brackets, points, and rules work the events are a blast to attend.

Buffalo Creek BMX hosted a Minnesota state qualifier race that was nothing less than fantastic. Rider’s of all ages put every bit of energy on the line.  The rider of the day had to be 58 yr. old Lynn Austin.  Lynn started racing at age 38 and he still pedals harder than ever before.

Check out the pics and think about getting involved in BMX racing…

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