BMX Hump Day Giveaway!

Its time for a BMX Hump Day Giveaway! To enter Click Here! One winner will be selected at random later today at 5PM CST. Good Luck.

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  1. Jonathan Gonzalez on said:

    Ive been wanteing a bike for a while now but my parents dont have that much money . so ive been trying to raise money on my own and well its not working out very well. My birthdays coming up on the 11th of april . i really want this bike to keep my out of the house and being lazy. I need this bike . I want to try bmx and go on with it. so please give this bike to me. i dont want to waist my familys money on me. I didnt ask for anything for christmas or my birthday last year . i deserve this bike

  2. Asif on said:

    What a bummer…!!!! You still doin giveaways???

  3. Every Wednesday!

  4. hi my name is Andre my famly dosent have mony and my brother broke my bmx bike my friends want me to bmx with them

  5. and r you still doing the free give away

  6. We are running another giveaway today. Its not for a BMX bike but it does include some pretty cool stuff… to enter visit

  7. I am sending in this for my 12 year old son soon to turn 13 on July .His name is Mitchell he has a paper route since in kindergarten, does well in school. He has been dreaming of the day he has enough money so he can buy one from you,he also phoned to see how much the shipping cost is .We live in Barrie Ontario so he needs to save an extra $100 . He also started he’s first company taking care of lawns and has some of his friends in his business as well.He named it the PInk Panther. They all have coral pants .It would be really kool if he won, it is a surprise ,I didn’t tell him I entered because he wants a bike from your company so badly. He also has four sibling .thanks I will keep my fingers crossed and I would pay for the shipping. Thanks for the opportunity . Steve

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