Back To School BMX Giveaway!

This week we are giving away a Grenade BMX Bike in  Grey/Orange. The winner will also get Nixon backpack filled with all kinds of goodies. All you have to do is visit our Facebook page find this video, like It and leave a comment telling  us why you deserve to win!

One Winner Will Be Chosen On Friday, September 2, 2011 @ Noon. Good Luck!

15 Responses to “Back To School BMX Giveaway!”

  1. i think i should win becouse it would really help me out because mom just might go to hostpetel becouse me and my mom have sick acell witch means i can get sick very easy my mom and dad are trying to get trough with it but it is hard haveing that for me and my mom i also have a hart mermer so if i play or run to hard my hart could stop so if i had a bike it wold be easery for me to play with my frainds instad runing all the time

  2. i need to win because ive been beggin my mom for 9 months to get a bike but she could never come up with the money so i always fill sad because all of my friends have bike and i relly need one so please trust me i promis the god and you no crosses count

  3. i need the bike because i have a hard family that pays bills almost every week the only time i get to ride a bike is my friends bike….im really good at it i don’t have a bmx bike and if you can give me the bike it will make my life ALOT fun n exciting…

  4. adam reames on said:

    i need thhis bike pleeassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeee my old bike got stolen an i dont have the money to get a new one cause i saved up for almost a yer trying to get my other one an its even harder cuz I dont have a dad it would help out a lot.

  5. Jones Long on said:

    i should win because my bike sucks and its rusty and old 🙁 please help me!!! PLESE!!!!! it will help alot im trying to get sponsored in bmx and i cant do anything with this rusty old bmx bike

  6. kyle victory on said:

    i need a new bike because i dont have a bike anymore i was hit by a car it was not that bad just some road rash and the bike was bad it just came apart and i dont have the money to go buy a new bike so please! give me a new bike

  7. i Need that bike for my son because we barely moved to Minnesota and i cant pick up my son from school because i work till ten so he needs it to get to and from school PLEASE???

  8. seth wilson on said:

    i need the bike because by frame and iv been begging my mom for a bike for a year now

  9. Alex Izaguirre on said:

    Sup Guys! 😀 i Need a bike, well i dont Need it but i want one soo bad, i just moved to California and all my friends, i hardly have friends here actually, but the friends i have here ride BMX and well i wana hang out with them to because i feel loney at home. :/ So i want to get a bike so i can ride with them and have fun!

  10. I Need This Bike Because i have a bike that keeps breaking down and i got stitches because of it and my mom and dad don’t have enough money and im so sad i get blamed at for breaking my bike and i cant ride my bike because its been broken for a month and i keep crying that why does this have to happen to me and they just keep fixing it and it and it brakes like an 1 hour later. Please… I really need this bike so i don’t bother my parents. (I am not making this up this is true and my parents are scared now if this one breaks…… i can show them How proud i make them when i dont break this one) IT IS UP TO YOU IF YOU WANT TO MAKE ME THE MOST HAPPIEST BOY IN THE WORLD OR THE SADDEST KID 🙂 OR ;'(

  11. the reason why I need to win is because I have horrible stuff especially my bike, its a walmart bike and plus i never win any thing.

  12. hi my name is seth and i had a dimondback viper e model, the reason why i had this bike is becouse a good friend of mine put my name in a raffle and i won it just befor me moved,
    one week later after i want to the park it was stollen right of my back porch and it was even locked up
    the police would not do a thing just becouse it ws not licenced
    what a bunch a assholes
    any way i would really areasheat it if ou would give me this bike

  13. ronaldo macias on said:

    i believe i should win this bike because i have a crapy next bike that is old and out of style.

  14. michael zureigat on said:

    hi my name is michael.. i really need this bike because i have to take the bus everyday to school and my parents cant afford to buy a bike for me so please help me out on this u guysrock

  15. i have cancer i dont have insurance im working 7 days a week so i can get enough money to pay for help like kemo i have to walk 10 miles to work i need the bike to get to work plzz im begging you

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