Benji Lee Elmergreen

Benji Lee Elmergreen

What do you get when you mix a yogi, fashion designer, and overall cool chic with a thrasher, sales rep, and overall cool dude?  You get a Benji Lee Elmergreen.  Congratulations to Bob & Mindy Elmergreen on the birth of their first child Benji Lee Elmergreen!

Little Benji has already dropped into his first 12′ bowl, has mastered the Handless Head Stand, and is scheduled to play Garry Kasparvo for the World Championship Chess Title in July.  Benji has a booked calendar filled with guest appearances, training dates with the 2012 USSA Junior Worlds Snowboard Team, and napping.  Keep your your eyes on this baby because he’ll be in the spotlight in no time.

Benji Lee Elmergreen Stats

Born:  3/20/2012 at 12:55AM

Weight:  19 Stones

Reach:  To the cookie jar

Stance:  Goofy

Favorite Food:  Milk

Favorite Skate Trick:  Nollie Front Blunt

Favorite Yoga Position:  Happy Baby

Father:  Bob Elmergreen

Mother:  Mindy Elmergreen

Sponsors:  Mom & Dad

2 Responses to “Benji Lee Elmergreen”

  1. Waxer on said:

    Congratulations Bob and Mindy! Benji obviously gets his mad riding skills from his
    grandfather (except for the goofy stance).

    Rip it up bro!


  2. Rory Knier on said:

    Congratulations Bob & Mindy, Benji is totally–ELMORIFIC. Before U know it, grandpa will be EATING BENGI’S SNOW. Best of luck Rory

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