Artec Phenom Wide Snowboard- For big boys with big feet!

Artec Phenom

Artec Phenom Snowboard

Artec SnowboardsGuys who have shoe sizes 13 and larger can’t snowboard.  False.  Guys who have shoe sizes 13 and larger have a hard time finding boards that fit them.  True….until now.  Hey bigfoot, welcome to the world of Artec Snowboards.

If you have huge feet it must be troubling because you bail every 10 feet.  Catching your toes and heels sucks and thats why Artec Snowboards designed the world’s widest deck, the Artec Phenom Wide Snowboard.  Wide as a barn and nimble as a cat the Artec Phenom thrashes like all regular width snowboards; it compromises nothing.

The Artec Phenom Wide Snowboard drives down the slope with laser targeted precision by technolodgy exclusive to Artec Snowboards – Omega Sidecut.  The Phenom has VERY wide waste widths that’s combined with reduced tip and tail widths giving the board a maneuverable feel.  Wide decks of old lacked quick edge to edge transition, but with its HyperTEC Camber and IsoTEC Wood Core the Artec Phenom Wide Snowboard accelerates faster than imaginable.

Now that you’ve found the right deck go check out the Ride Bigfoot Snowboard Boots and enjoy your time ripping all over the mountain.

Artec Phenom Wide Snowboard Specs:

 Length [cm] Effective Edge [mm] Waist Width [mm] Nose Width [mm] Tail Width [mm] Sidecut Radius [m] Min. Stance [in] Max. Stance [in] Min. Stance [mm] Max. Stance [mm] Set Back [mm] Set Back [in]
155 1159 275 312 305 8.1 20.9 24.0 530 610 20 0.8
159 1190 277 317 310 8.5 22.4 25.6 570 650 25 1.0
163 1220 280 321 313 8.6 22.8 26.0 580 660 30 1.2
167 1255 284 324 316 9.2 23.2 26.4 590 670 30 1.2

Artec Phenom Wide Snowboard Key Features:

  • HyperTEC Camber
  • MonoTEC Sidewalls
  • Omega Sidecut
  • 4×2 Inserts
  • Shape: Directional Twin Tip
  • Laminates: FiberTEC Fiberglass
  • Base: ThetaTEC Base
  • Core: IsoTEC Wood Core



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