32 – Thirtytwo Snowboard Boots Demo

The Thirtytwo Snowboard Boot Demo went off like lightning in a tornado.  Cal Surf teamed up with Mike Neville and Brandon Phillips of Thirtytwo Snowboard Boots and brought the storm to Hyland Hills Ski and Snowboard Area in Boomington, MN.  Brett Spurr, Aiden Flanagan, Jordan Daniels, Nate Harrington, and a crew of Hyland locals destroyed the pencil feature with ease.  Joe Sexton made a guest appearance rocking his 2013 86 FT signature model boots and amped up the groms.

There was a massive line to demo Joe’s 2012 86 FT boots, but as attendees found out, it was well worth the wait. Another crowd favorite was the high performance Thirtytwo TM-Two. With the Thirtytwo Snowboard Boots demo trailer in tow, everyone who showed up received the chance to shred the whole 2012 boot line. If the Thrirtytwo Snowboard Boots demo trailer is parked in your local hill’s parking lot, demo some boots and buy Brandon a hot chocolate and a cheeseburger…he’s been on the road for months…

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