2012 Volcom PBRJ – Powder Ridge

2012 Volcom PBRJ – Powder Ridge

If you’ve never gone to a Volcom PBRJ contest, you should.  Powder Ridge Ski Resort in Kimball, MN has been hosting the Volcom PBRJ comp for about 100 years, and every year the level of technical tricks and over-stokedness sky rockets.

The groms Benny Milam, Noah Fleming, and Garrett McKenzie absolutely murdered it.  Vanessa Moore came out on top of the women’s field.  Mitch Kirby came halfway across the county to grab second in the open division, and Colin Wilson turned into a wrecking ball and destroyed the competition.

Don’t miss the Volcom PBRJ next year because it will blow your socks off!

Jordan Daniels getting proper.
Colin Wilson working it.
Photos: Volcom.com

2012 Volcom PBRJ Results

15 And Under Division

  1.  Benny Milam
  2.  Noah Fleming
  3.  Garrett McKenzie
  4.  Eddie Fauth
  5.  Justin Mohs

16 And Over Division

  1.  Drew Poganski
  2.  Clayton Hatzenbuhler
  3.  Josh Johnson
  4.  Mike Skiba
  5.  Daniel Spooner

Ladies Open Division

  1.  Vanessa Moore
  2.  Emily Blewitt
  3.  Theresa Kewley
  4.  Celena Fehlen
  5.  Justine Pinkerton

Open Division

  1.  Colin Wilson- $250
  2.  Mitchell Kirby- $150
  3.  Craig Cameron- $100
  4.  Jesse Paul
  5.  Richard Kovkal

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