2012 Burton US Open Live on Redbull TV

Back in 1982 Jake Burton and his crew started the first “National Snow Surfing Championships” at Suicide Six in Vermont. Now 30 years later the the Burtou US OPEN aka “Snow Surfing Companionship” has become one of the biggest events in snowboarding and a launching pad  for many for many today’s snowboarding legends. Such as : Craig Kelly, Terje Haakonsen, Kelly Clark, Torah Bright, Danny Davis, Kevin Pearce, Shaun White and many more.  To learn more about the last 30 years of Burton US Open click here.

RedBull TV
Make sure to tune into RedBullTV this Saturday to watch the the Burton US Open – Half Pipe Finals Live: Mar 10 // 9:15am – 4:00pm EST! If you happen to miss the live brodcast, don’t worrie, you can still check out the all action On Demad at RedbullTV.

It is just how far snowboarding has gone.



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