$10 Analog Boardshorts- Extended Through Wednesday

Through May, 23st  you can pick up a pair of Analog Boardshorts for only $10. (while supplies last)

Analog Kesey Boardshorts

The Analog Kesey Boardshorts are a great addition to any swimwear wardrobe. With a tiger thread construction and durable poly royale material they will be enjoyed for a very long time. These boardshorts come at a great price and a style that anyone can enjoy.



Analog Palette Boardshorts

Known comfort, fit and style. The Analog Palette Boardshorts are made for the crowd that demands fashion, comfort, and durability. These shorts are great for laying around the yard, playing volleyball, or hitting the water for some good old fashion fun.


Analog Ensign Boardshorts

Analog Ensign Boardshorts are designed with comfort and durability in mind. They have Analog binary stretch poly-extend panel placement and articulated side slams. The silicone pocket has a pull tab and laser cut welded hems and inseams withstand whatever adventure you get into. Analog also threw in a logo wax comb.

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