Handplant Holiday – Fully Video + How To Do A Handplant

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In a world of Double and Triple Corks the handplant is one of the most underrated tricks in the world of snowboarding. Regardless, they are tons of fun to do and if you don’t have one in your bag of trick you are missing out. Handplant extraordinaire JP Walker brought together a group of elite snowboarders for the first annual Handplant Holiday at Bear Mountain.  A person would think that just one or two quarter pipes would be enough, but the Don and the Bear Park crew had something a little different in mind. Click here to learn how to do a handplant.


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Featuring Riders: JP Walker, Jeremy Jones, Pat Bridges, Simon Chamberlain, Marko Grilc, Scott Stevens, Cody Rosenthal, Chris Grenier, Ben Bilocq, Tim Eddy,Dave Downing and Dale Rehberg.

How to do a Handplant:

Handplants can feel like they are one of the  hardest tricks to do, but if you stick with it you will be Handplanting in no time.  Here are a few videos to help you along your journey.
How to Handplant with JP Walker:


How to do a Handpant with Mike Ravelson:


How to Handplant with Chris Hargrave:


If you have any tips or links to some other good handplant videos please leave a comment below.

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