Summer’s Best Sandals

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Yes yes ya’ll it’s time to get the little piggies out to wiggle around.  With summer fun comes the comfortable footwear that’ll make your feet happy. has hundreds of sandal options, below are some of our favorites.  Step into this summer’s best sandals and thank us later.

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Picks of the Week: June 4th, 2017

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Picks of the Week: June 4th, 2017

June kicks off with some hot gear that’s ready to sizzle up summer’s start.  From the confident shape of the Electric 40Five Sunglasses to the lounging comfort of the Vans Slide-On Sandals this week’s gear it a treat waiting for everyone to indulge in.  Make the jump below…

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Utah Olympic Park Water Slide

Huge Water Slide Jump

Water Slides are awesome, and so are jumps. Put the two together and you have a match made in heaven.

The Utah Olympic Park, which is an U.S. Olympic training, does it right by adding in the spice of fun to a venue that’s usually pretty serious.

2016 Park City Pond Skim


Pond Skim

Park City wrapped up the season as every resort should, with a pond skim.  This 20 year tradition at Park City was nothing short of eventful.

If skis and snowboards aren’t your thing, you can always rip a pond skim on a tube!

Come Hell or High Water | Trailer

[vimeo=55251973 w=730]

Come Hell or High Water—the first feature-length film to be made about the sport of bodysurfing. A winner of Best Film and Best Cinematography awards on the festival circuit, Come Hell or High Water explores the history and development of bodysurfing alongside the purity of experience that is riding a wave, taking a unique look at the culture and beauty of the sport, while capturing the stories and locations of those who belong to its community. The film’s unanticipated popularity may well reflect the less-is-more, environmentally aware consciousness of our times; as the simplest of all ocean sports, bodysurfing requires little more than swim fins and some waves.

Presented by: Patagonia & Nixon

Film by: Keith Malloy