Kaitlyn Farrington – Dew Tour

Kaitlyn Farrington Wins Dew Tour Superpipe

The House team rider Kaitlyn Farrington won the 2012 Dew Tour Superpipe event at Breckinridge!  After stomping her second run (Back 9, Front 9, Back 5, Alley Oop Back 5, Method, Front 7) the judges gave her a winning run score of 90.00 ahead of the best riders in the world.  Stay tuned for USSA Grand Prix Halfpipe news that’s happening this soon…

Dew Tour Womens Superpipe Results

1st – Kaitlyn Farrington – 90.00

2nd – Queralt Castellet – 80.00

3rd – Maddy Schaffrick – 71.75

4th – Torah Bright – 66.00

5th – Kelly Clark – 44.75

6th – Elena Hight – 39.50



Play Date – Premier Promo

Play Date, featuring Danny Kern, Kenny Peterson, and many others, is premiering at the Familia Headquarters on Friday, December 22nd at 7:30PM.

If you like skating you’ll like Play Date.

G-Team Update

Taylor Obregon at Hyland Hills

G Team is off to an awesome start for 2012-2013!  Our season started in the Fall with some killer dryland training to get everyone in shape for the riding season.

Before the first snow fell in Minnesota, the G-Team headed to the Rockies for early riding at Copper Mountain!  Copper had tons of runs open, a terrain park and more.  Their trip culminated with the Race to the Cup and USASA alpine competitions.  The team riders totally rocked, despite very little time on the snow.  Jack Taylor and Zach Lulavy both finished as some of the top Junior men in the field.

Shortly after Thanksgiving, our local ski areas pounded out snow to open for the season for our riders to shred!

Fast forward to now, it’s snowing!  We are shredding to a foot of fresh snow and life is good! Hyland, Buck and Wild and Toll’s parks are solid with tons of features and more.  Everyone is ripping!  We have new riders this season who are blowing our minds with their mad skills!  We’ve been hitting up local rail jams too, always a good time.

We’re stoked to get going on the rest of the season and it’s only December!  Let’s get our shred on!

-G Team

Jordan Daniels Snowboard Gear

Jordan Daniels rips, you’ll see by watching his full part in the YouKnowMyFunction video.  What makes it possible?  The Salomon gear he riders (see items below).  *The song lyrics on the video, uh hmmm…could be considered offensive by some people – watch out. Read More

Six Shooter – Bow-Reel (November Tape) Edit #1

This is the first of many drops to come from the Six Shooter crew.  Raising hell in Truckee and Boreal is all these guys do.  If you’ve never been to Boreal, bring your snowboard there, it’ll like it.  The House team riders Hunter Murphy and Easton Gilman don’t take riding too seriously, and the Bow-Reel shows what snowboarding is supposed to be about, having fun.

Riders in order of appearance:  Casey Pletz, Brady Lem, Ricky Koukal, Dash Kamp, Romi Kristl, Clayton Wenner, Hunter Murphy, and Easton Gilman