DC Shoes: Robbie Maddison – Air.Craft

Wow.  If that isn’t an ender I don’t know what is.  Put your hand together for Robbie Maddison & DC Shoes; they keep doing everything right.

Winch Fest 2013



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2013 Billabong Air & Style: Eric Willette

I’ll give Eric Willette a slow handclap for winning the 2013 Billabong Air & Style.  Damn.

Sunday in the Park 6 – Bear Mountain

Sunday in the Park 6

What do Jordan Small, Scotty Vine, Kyle Schafer, Austin Leonard, Jay Hergert, Brett Wilkinson, Josh Keyser, and Denis Leontyev do on Sundays?  This…

Video Grass: Frank April Full Part

Video Grass found a man-child named Frank April and put him in their vid Enlighten.  Chaos   ensued.