Sochi Olympic Men’s Slopestyle Qualification Results

2014 Sochi Olympics Slopestyle

Men’s Olympic Slopestyle Snowboarding Qualification Results, Heat 1 

Heat Rank Name Nation Best Score
1. Staale Sandbech* NOR 94.50
2. Peetu Piiroinen* FIN 90.75
3. Sebastian Toutant* CAN 87.25
4. Jamie Nicholls* GBR 86.75
5. Charles Guldemond** USA 86.00
6. Billy Morgan** GBR 85.50
7. Niklas Mattsson** SWE 82.75
8. Emil Andre Ulsletten** NOR 79.75
9. Charles Reid** CAN 75.50
10. Alexey Sobolev** RUS 63.00
11. Scotty James** AUS 44.00
12. Lucien Koch** SUI 32.00
13. Yuki Kadono** JPN 31.00
14. Mattias Weissenbacher** AUT 28.75
15. Torgeir Bergrem** NOR 25.00

*Qualifies for Finals
** Qualifies for Semi-Finals

Men’s Olympic Slopestyle Snowboarding Qualifications Results, Heat 2

Heat Rank Name Nation Best Score
1. Maxence Parrot* CAN 97.50
2. Roope Tonteri* FIN 95.75
3. Sven Thorgren* SWE 94.25
4. Gjermund Braaten* NOR 91.25
5. Seppe Smits** BEL 91.00
6. Clemens Schattschneider** AUT 90.00
7. Mark McMorris** CAN 89.25
8. Sage Kotsenburg** USA 86.50
9. Ryan Stassel** USA 81.00
10. Jan Scherrer** SUI 74.50
11. Ville Paumola** FIN 54.75
12. Janne Korpi** FIN 49.75
13. Seamus O’Connor** IRL 40.00
14. Adrian Krainer** AUT 24.25

*Qualifies for Finals
** Qualifies for Semi-Finals

Sochi Olympic Slopestyle Course

Olympic Slopestyle Course

The Rosa Khutor Extreme Park has been gobbling up riders left and right during practice for the 2014 Sochi Russia Olympic Games.  So far Torstein Horgmo (Norway), Marika Enne (Finland), and Shaun White (USA) have sustained insjuries on the Sochi Olympic Sloperstyle Course.

The jump lips are far higher off the landing pads than Olympic qualifier contests have been.  So far the International Ski and Snowboard Federation (FIS) blame Hotgmo’s broken collar bone on the trick he was performing and not the features of the course.  Slopestyle courses are meant to be designed to showcase a riders best ability, not to destroy them with unsafe features.  Finnish snowboarder Roope Tonteri says the jumps are “not really safe.”

Sochi Olympic Slopestyle Course Technical Delegate Bill Van Gilder (BVG) said on Monday, February 3rd that “Today’s features were super-good, they just need a few tweaks to make them even better and the feeling I have is that everyone’s ‘stoked’ with the course.”  Lets all hope that the FIS will listen to the riders pooling together that are demanding course modifications.

All in all we must hope for the safety of every rider and for the best to stand on the podium when the event it finished.

Ryan Paul’s Zany Earth, EP. 1

Sit In on Professor Paul’s Masterclass in Rail Sliding

Minnesota, though blessed with snow, is not blessed with very many mountains, or indeed any, unless you count the hills that make up the Mesabi Range. And so the young Ryan Paul became a master of the rail. He dedicates this video to giving a veritable clinic on rail sliding at two different parks, including a so-good-it-feels-sacrilegious 360 to board slide at 2:12. Ever the resourceful boy, Ryan also teaches viewers new uses for the nose of a snowboard and how to employ a ladder when already buckled into bindings.

2014 Burton US Open Qualifiers – Slopestyle Men’s Video


Burton US Open Qualifiers

Burton US Open Qualifiers Men’s Slopestyle Contest

Speed was a factor at the Burton US Open Qualifiers event, but that didn’t stop riders from thrashing.  IF you think you have what it takes to be the best, step up to the plate and hit a home-run next year at the qualifiers!  Keep your board fast by tuning and waxing it with the right equipment – check it all out HERE.

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2014 Burton US Open Qualifiers – Halfpipe Women’s & Junior Jam Video

Burton US Open Qualifiers

Burton US Open Qualifiers Women’s & Junior Jam Halfpipe Contest

IF you want to be impressed check out the Burton US Open Qualifiers event, it allows anyone to have the opportunity to compete in the Burton US Open.  From women in their mid 20’s to 5 year olds like Paisley Flowers the qualifiers host a diverse class of thrashers.  Get all of your proper women’s snowboards HERE.

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