Nike Snowboarding: Never Not Teaser

Nike: Never Not Teaser

Love them or hate them it doesn’t matter, Nike Snowboarding is here to stay.  With amazing product and one hell of a team Nike rockets into the cinematic whole of snowboarding.  With legendary riders like Kass, Ruf, Lago, Muller, Helgason, and Peetu you know Nike is going to deliver the visual good for you to feast on.  Get ready, it’s coming.

High Cascade Snowboard Camp 2013: Session 3

HCSC 2013: Session 3 Recap

Here it is the High Cascade Snowboard Camp Session 3 edit.  Put your hands together this beauty!  If anyone wants to try the Snowskate Handslide we have them HERE….

Featuring: Spencer Schubert, Mike Ravelson, Jesse Paul, Scotty Lago Johnny O’Connor, Jaeger Bailey, Andrew Aldridge, Ben Ferguson, Jesse Gouveia, Matty Mo, Alex Sherman, Sawyer Deen, Max Warbington, Christian Sparks, Dan Vinzant, Jay Haygert

Filmed by: Skylar Brent, Harry Hagan, Matt Roberge, John Stark
Edited by: Skylar Brent

Windells Session 3 2013

These Windells edits keep getting better and better.  If Session 3 looks this good what the heck is Session 8 going to look like?!  Shredding in a flannel is so last season, get a coaches jacket if you plan on riding this summer…

Trollhaugen Aerial Adventure Park

Everyone knows Trollhaugen for their parks and the riders that bloom out of there.  People are now discovering the Trollhaugen Aerial Adventure Park – a massive Ewok Village on steroids with zip lines and 4 different obstacle courses up to 40′ off the ground.  Go get some and make sure to wear the right shoes

Snowboarder Mag’s New Video Magazine

Snowboarder Mag is rad, and they make rad things like the New Video Magazine.  Watch the vid, get stoked, and get ready to shred in this winter!