Afton Alps Terrain Park Review

PaddyO Reports, Snow Park Technologies Builds Brand New Park


On Friday December 20, Afton Alps Ski Area unveiled her new Terrain Park built by X Games Course creators Snow Park Technologies. This is just the cherry on top of the $10million in improvements Vail Resorts has constructed since acquiring the family run ski hill last winter. PaddyO and 3 of The House’s Team Riders, Todd Kirby, Brennen Swanson, and Jordan Daniels, were on hand to put the park to the test.

The House’s Team Riders had an emphatic positive reaction. The new tow rope provides numerous, quick laps. The features are clean and have a good flow. The new jump line is among the best in the Midwest and the one-of-a-kind SPT constructed Signature Feature Wall Ride is “great and gives the rider unlimited options.” However both need refinement. Kirby, Swanson, and Daniels expressed a desire for the Wall Ride to be moved uphill allowing for an easier traverse to the tow rope. The Jump Line could be reduced to 2 large hits instead of the current three.

Kirby stated ” The Jump Line is a great start but there is too much speed being carried from the second landing to the third jump. I would make either two jumps or else make the third jump bigger. The Jump Line is one of the best in the Midwest! No Joke! Little improvements like that will make them even better!”

All three Team Riders described the park as the best and most fun it has ever been while they kicked back in the comfortable and stylish new Landing Zone. PaddyO was seen dance fighting locals for burrito money. When asked to comment he barked “I’m the best gall darn ski boot dancer on this hill,” then consumed a burrito in two sloppy bites. He was last seen combing guacamole out of his mustache.

The most exciting and refreshing decision Afton has made in regards to the new park is their desire to work directly with the park rider. Afton understands this park is an on-going creation, merely version 1.0. They have been taking feedback from riders on hill and via their Facebook Page. If you have ideas, express them in a clean and thoughtful way. Afton Alps is ready to listen and create the most Epic Park the Midwest has ever seen.


Photos: Stephan Jende,


Here’s another MAKEFRIENDSORDIE installment from Jake Durham.  This make me feel good.

FEATURING:  Andy Pearson, Jack Thonvold, Matt Boudreaux, Jake Moore, Tommy Gesme, Andy Latterner, Stephen Paulson, James Olson, Danimals, Jesse Paul, Josh Manoles

Common Apparel – WHEN ARE WE Teaser #2? (“Mom’s Calling”)

If you don’t know who and what Common Apparel is, you should.  Common Apparel is part clothing company, part rad crew, and part pure awesomeness.  The whole crew always has more fun than everyone else.  It’ll be great to see the full video that drops in January.

Edited by:  Nate Blomquist

Filmed by:  Nate Blomquist,  Sam Jorgensen, & David Lundquist

Song:  Tom Waits- Cemetery Polka

RIDERS:  Joey Kreye, Nate Blomquist, Mike Liddle , Jack Lunt, Dalton Jones, Dylan McCartinn, Sam “Lamb” Jorgensen, Bill Bottoms, David Lundquist, and friends..

Full video coming JANUARY 2014.


The Pursuit of Awesome Part II

Awesome Starts Young

In an effort to break free of the constraints of modern education and think outside the realm of the boxed-in mindset of traditional schooling, Logan LaPlante’s parents pulled him out of school at the age of 9 and created their own curriculum, Hackschooling. Now 13, he spends his week learning History, Science, and Math at his own pace, tending his passion for writing, creating, learning outdoorsmen skills, connecting with nature, skiing, and BEING AWESOME! In this video, Logan gives a speech at a TEDx event showcasing his love for education in a creative and alternative way. Hackschooling has lead him to be incredibly thoughtful, thought provoking, well spoken, charismatic, and inspiring. The LaPlante’s and Logan are Awesome. This young man points out the difference between BE and DO. What do I want to BE when I grow up? I want to BE happy and I want to DO whatever I can to continue the pursuit of happiness. Happy is a road. Awesome is the strut. Logan is walking tough.


L1 Outerwear presents – L1 Merica Tour pt. 3

Last season the L1 Outerwear Team got into a van in Salt Lake City, and took off for the street paradise of the mid west. The idea was vague, the roads were icy, the team was drunk, and snow was melting – we were in for a road trip that everyone dreams of. The day we were about to take off we got a call from the Down To Earth guys and just told them to join us on our road trip. The crew instantly got 3 new guys which was sweet, except the van became even more cramped. We all got in the van and set off for the Mid West and making stops along the way. A road trip is the best way to go snowboarding with your friends, there is never a dull moment.
Here is a video that documents our 10 day road trip to the mid west and back. Video by Mike Mo and Karsten Boysen
L1 Outerwear L1 Outerwear L1 Outerwear L1 Outerwear L1 Outerwear
Justin Keniston
Sam Taxwood
Blake Geis
Brandon Hammid
Anton Gunnarsson
Dominik Wagner
Benny Urban (DTE)
Marc Swoboda (DTE)
Basti Rittig (DTE)
Bob Plumb