Burn Presents – We Ride – A History Of Snowboarding

The History of Snowboarding

If there is one documentary that sums up the history of snowboarding it’s Burn Presents: We Ride – A History Of Snowboarding.  If you’re an avid snowboarder or someone who has an interest in snowboarding, watch this video.



My Knees Hurt

Getting old can suck at times; working 9-5, bills, and the factors of reality can really weigh you down. That’s why you must keep skating. Don’t be that guy that “Used to skate”.


Lick The Cat presents “PROJECT LTC”

Featuring Riders: Patrick Raichur, Nils Mindnich, Griffin Siebert, Sam Taxwood, Sage Kostenburg, Michael Wick, Spencer Schubert, Blaze Kotsenburg, Gus Warbington, Hans Mindnich, Max Warbington, Merrick Joyce, Evan Drage, Ben Bilodeau, Deadlung, and many more.

The Interior Plain Project welcomes Jeff Gabrick

Jeffy Gabrick


Jeffy Gabrick might be a little rough around the edges; he chain smokes, swears in front of small children, and flicks the bird every time you take a picture of him.  What makes Jeffy great is his welcoming smile and man-hugs, his willingness to give up his seat for a girl (Witnessed at Videograss’ The Last Ones premier), and the passion he has for riding and showing the ropes to the groms coming up.

So here’s a huge congratulations to Jeffy for being a genuinely awesome person, an unreal rider, and for earning a spot on The Interior Plain Project team!

VIDEOGRASS: The Last Ones Teaser

The Last Ones Teaser


The Last Ones could be Videograss’ greatest installment.  With a crew that emulates the weight and presence of the Forum 8, Videograss’ The Last Ones blasts bangers one after another.

If you’re lucky enough to see the whole flick you’ll realize Joe Sexton opens with a jaw dropping show and there’s no lack of Minnesota riders; Danimals, Jake Olsen-Elm, Jonas Michilot, Justin Fronius, and Zac Marben show the world what growing up at Hyland will do to your riding.  Thrashing in the greatest light with the ender is Justin Fronius, this could be one of the best enders on the 2014 season.