Matt Chase Mid Season Edit 2014



Burton Snowboards and House team rider Matt Chase has had one wild ride of a season.  In January Matt separated his shoulder and decided to drop this Mid Season Edit.  It was filmed by:  Billy Bjork, Jared Floersch, Will Betts, Evan Severson, Grant Abrahamson, Eli Lamm, and Tony Yimbo.

After a quick recover Matt Chase went on to podium at the USSA Revolution Tour stop at Mammoth Mountain with the run in the video below… Read More

Billy Bjork: 2013-2014 Snowboard Season


Billy Bjork was planning to save this footage for an upcoming movie project he was working on called Wild Card.  Plans changed after this footage was leaked and he decided to keep it posted.

It’s great to see riders like Billy Bjork and House team rider Matt Chase working on video projects together.  Billy was one of the contributing filmers for Matt’s Mid Season Edit 2014.

With all the doubles happening in the current state of snowboarding the community of riders need a representative like Billy to show them the importance of fundamental skills.  A solid base of riding can eventually lead to proper doubles if you want to do them.  Good job Billy, keep it up.


Grenade Games 2014


Grenade Games 10

Grenade Gloves started a movement that grew into an army and 2014 marks the 10th anniversary of the Grenade Games!  Johnny Lazz, Dustin Craven, Jaeger Bailey, and Danny Kass (of course) made a showing in Mammoth to support the cause.

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Terror at Troll 2

[vimeo 93085650 w=600]

Terror at Troll dropped a little over a year argo and now 1817 is at it again with Terror at Troll 2.  Shot entirely at Trollhaugen by Riley Erickson, Derek Combs, Jake Durham, Chris Duncan, and David Murphy Terror at Troll 2 adds a few new names to the lineup.  With hammers being drop continually you’ll need to watch it over again to believe your eyes.

Notable Wizardry:

Jeffy Gabrick‘s Back Board – Front Board – Back Board Pretzel on the Double Kink and Back 180° – Cab 270° on the Down Rail was absolutely insane.

Kyle Kennedy‘s Back Board – 50/50 – Front 360° Out on the Double Kink was bonkers.

Rider’s in order of appearance:   Read More

2014 Volcom PBRJ Finals


The 2014 Volcom PBRJ Finals marks ten years of staying true to snowboarding. With a strong field of the world’s best rail riders Mammoth Mountain mashed together the sun’s rays and an awesome course to showcase raw talent. The 2014 Volcom PBRJ Finals were stacked with a huge grip of Midwest riders, 4 of them being House team riders, and they all held it down.

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