Canada Landscape Time Lapse

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This is Sebastian Ross’ tribute to his home country of Canada and it’s truely beautiful landscapes.  From Tofino to Dinosaur Provincial Park, Sebastian pursued a dream, living off the grid for 6 weeks with only one quest in mind. With his dirtbag van, he traveled through the West coast, trying to capture a tiny bit of our natural wonders under the best light possible. Most of those images have required a lots of driving hours, hiking, waiting and wilderness camping…but that’s all the fun stuff, eh!

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Young & Hungry | Lunch


Enjoy Lunch

The boys are back! This is the third episode of the Young & Hungry series. Stay tuned for “Dinner” and other bonus episodes later in the season, along with the street movie dropping next fall.

Riders: Robbie Roethler, Billy Bjork, Lukas Caye, George McDowall, Evan Severson, Nick Belbas, Trent Lodge, and Walker Murphy

Location: Hyland Hills, Minnesota. Additional filming by Jasper Lazor.

Song:  La Femme | Hypsoline

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Nick Stotz | Lil’ Nick 7 | Snowboarding


Nick Stotz Snowboarding

The average 12 year old’s day generally consists of playing the latest video game, napping, and screaming at their parents for not allowing them to drink pop.  As you can see, Nick Stotz is far from average – he’s the future of snowboarding.  Nick eats, breaths, and dreams snowboarding.  If a few years you’ll remember this video and realize the future is already upon us.

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Videograss | In the Park 3

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Videograss in Minnesota

While Chicago and the entire East Coast gets pounded with +40″ of snow the Videograss stayed back in Minnesota to rip laps.  With Hyland Hills as the home turf setting of many VG riders, it sets a harmonious tone for fun.

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Strange Brew | Strangers Welcome | Episode 7 | Pumpkin Spice Latte

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Strangers Welcome Episode 7

Well what do y’know? Another trip commences by the notorious Strange Brew crew. Starting it off with some shitty dmv drawbacks is always a plus. Only reinforcing that California is not that tite… Weighing this big black lemon of an automobile? You know we packin… A drivers test for Daly? No thanks. Smog test? Fuck daht. And aggravation building? Lets get in this friggin’ van. Twenty-five or some odd hours later we arrived at our destination, Minnesota. We love this damn place, and what better way to start than an elementary school. As basic as a bitch with a pumpkin spice latte. But the boys managed to make that latte extra spicey. Some shit went down and good times were had. Phew… Oh and a little premature Tahoe footy. As the lord of all hotdogs would say, why not?

Riders: Andy Latterner, Brady Lem, Craig Cameron, Casey Pletz, Jasper Tripp, Hunter Murphy, Tommy Gesme, Keenan Cawley, Shane Sayer, Andreas, Scoli Bones.

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