Trollrotten at Trollhaugen

[vimeo 119500275 w=700]

Yawgoon Marcus Rand’s recent trip to Trollhaugen sure was worth it.  There’s been a countless number of Troll edits that have surfaced over the last five years and this may be the heaviest.  We full support #turntrollhaugenpro

Featuring in order of appearance: Jeffy Gabrick, Austin Young, Logan Herber, Kyle Kennedy, Tony Wagner, Hunter Murphy, Benny Milam, Mike Gray, Garret Mackenzie, Mike Skiba, Kayli Hendricks

Film/Edit: Marcus Rand
Song: Method Man and Redman- “Ayo”

Serious Delirium /// Nate Blomquist, Jake Braseth, and Tommy Gesme

[vimeo 115523257 w=700]

Strange Brew | Serious Delirium

As they say, cigarettes can kill you, but you can pretty much die doing anything though.  Strange Brew spent a majority of their time on the road last year shooting for their Serious Delirium film project.  Here’s a look into what Nate Blomquist, Jake Braseth, and Tommy Gesme put down.

Music: Yungmilkcrate
Film: Danny Kern, Colton Feldman, and Nate Blomquist
Edit: Danny Kern
Graphics: Keenan Cawley

Ride Global AM Team

[vimeo 119180245 w=700]

Ride Snowboards Team

Ride Snowboards LogoRIDE Snowboards welcomes their newest additions to the Global Am Team with footage from the likes of two gingers, Derrek Lever and Dan Liedahl, shotgun extraordinaire Spencer Schubert, the Littlest Wizard, Alex Sherman, and the most recent addition to family and chocolate milk connoisseur, Dillon Ojo. Though entirely goofy in stance and personality, these guys turn it on in front of the camera and have the footage to prove it. Sit back, put on some sunscreen, cast a spell, shotgun some chocolate milk and enjoy. 

Edit by: Rob Balding

Footage provided by: Trent Ludwig/Snowboarder Mag, Jacob Durham, Colton Feldman/ Videograss, Tommy Little, Tanner Pendleton, Cody Rosenthal, Eli Olson

Check out the entire Ride Snowboards line HERE.

Canada Landscape Time Lapse

[vimeo 84708210 w=700]

This is Sebastian Ross’ tribute to his home country of Canada and it’s truely beautiful landscapes.  From Tofino to Dinosaur Provincial Park, Sebastian pursued a dream, living off the grid for 6 weeks with only one quest in mind. With his dirtbag van, he traveled through the West coast, trying to capture a tiny bit of our natural wonders under the best light possible. Most of those images have required a lots of driving hours, hiking, waiting and wilderness camping…but that’s all the fun stuff, eh!

Get on your own adventure and start camping HERE.



Young & Hungry | Lunch


Enjoy Lunch

The boys are back! This is the third episode of the Young & Hungry series. Stay tuned for “Dinner” and other bonus episodes later in the season, along with the street movie dropping next fall.

Riders: Robbie Roethler, Billy Bjork, Lukas Caye, George McDowall, Evan Severson, Nick Belbas, Trent Lodge, and Walker Murphy

Location: Hyland Hills, Minnesota. Additional filming by Jasper Lazor.

Song:  La Femme | Hypsoline

Support: Ride Snowboards, RunAMuck Clothing, Giro, Neff, Nectar Sunglasses, East Coast Lifestyle, The House Boardshop, and Help Boardshop