2013 Hot Dawgs and Hand Rails (HDHR)

As you may or may not know the 2013 Hot Dawgs and Hand Rails (HDHR) contest went down at Bear Mountain a few weeks ago.  ThirtyTwo Boots may have the best recap vid of what happened (above).  If you want to check out ALL of the action check out the live webcast recording below brought to you by Snowboarder Magazine…

Ethan Deiss – Bad Ideas

If you think you’ve been shaken up on a snowboard trip, you have no idea; listen to Burton Snowboards’ Ethan Deiss explain the craziest thing that’s ever happened to him on a shred mission.

Ethan will be judging the Trollhaugen rail jam this weekend (10/6/2013), come show him you have what it takes to win.

Justine Pinkerton Full Season Edit 2012/2013

Justine Pinkerton dropped her Full Season Edit a while back and we wanted to show you now.  We’re beyond excited to see our newest snow team addition throw down this weekend at Trollhaugen’s Rail Jam (10/6/2013).  You’ll be seeing a lot more to come from this Rome Snowboards ripper!

McConkey Documentary To Be Released This Month

McConkey Documentary – Call of the Wild

Shane McConkey is the father of the rocker and reverse sidecut ski revolution. A pioneer in the big mountain ski scene, his innovations and imaginative designs echo in the hearts of ski and snowboard designers. On March 26, 2009 McConkey was tragically taken from this world in a ski-BASE jumping accident. A new documentary chronicling Shane’s prankster antics, life, mission and adventurous spirit is set to begin a national tour this month.  The Shane McConkey Foundation will be taking the film, entitled “McConkey,” on a 20-plus city tour for one night screenings.  The film project will also be available online for purchase on October 8th.

“McConkey” is a celebration of Shane’s life, a nod and thank you to his innovations in the snow action sports genre; but honestly that only scratches the surface. It’s a siren of the omni-searching adventurous spirit that lives somewhere, large or small, within us all. The film pulls on the heart strings of the free, wild soul which yearns to bark its deep, guttural barbaric yulp. Much like his skiing, “McConkey” the Movie sets the bar for all ski films and documentaries to follow. It is the absolute must see of the 2013/2014 Winter Season.

Travis Rice on Shane McConkey:

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Burton Presents Streets

The second installment of Burton new four park web series “STREET” is off the hook. It consistent of some of the best snowboarders in the world and some of the most creative riding I have ever seen. Of course we have give a big shout out to Midwest Local and friend of the Trollhaugen Troll Ethan Deiss, who has been killing it.