L1 Outerwear presents – L1 Merica Tour pt. 3

Last season the L1 Outerwear Team got into a van in Salt Lake City, and took off for the street paradise of the mid west. The idea was vague, the roads were icy, the team was drunk, and snow was melting – we were in for a road trip that everyone dreams of. The day we were about to take off we got a call from the Down To Earth guys and just told them to join us on our road trip. The crew instantly got 3 new guys which was sweet, except the van became even more cramped. We all got in the van and set off for the Mid West and making stops along the way. A road trip is the best way to go snowboarding with your friends, there is never a dull moment.
Here is a video that documents our 10 day road trip to the mid west and back. Video by Mike Mo and Karsten Boysen
L1 Outerwear L1 Outerwear L1 Outerwear L1 Outerwear L1 Outerwear
Justin Keniston
Sam Taxwood
Blake Geis
Brandon Hammid
Anton Gunnarsson
Dominik Wagner
Benny Urban (DTE)
Marc Swoboda (DTE)
Basti Rittig (DTE)
Bob Plumb

A [SKI] Day To Remember


In early November a group of misfits and socially awkward snow junkies banded together in celebration of the most influential skier of all time — the one, the only, the late and great Shane McConkey. McConkey (the movie) was to be shown that evening at the Pantages Theater in downtown Minneapolis. Dfunk Taylor, Minnesnowta local and avid skier, was inspired to help. Taylor organized the day, creating the opportunity for skiers and snowboarders to give back to the passion burning within. A party bus to Trollhaugen for an early season shred fest, a raffle at The Pourhouse,  and a much anticipated screening of the award winning documentary; it was an epic day. We raised our spirits and the corners of our mouths, we raised money for The Shane McConkey Foundation, we raised our hands for high5s. Part of Shane’s life mantra was to live brilliantly, passionately, and do everything with a smile on your face in full recognition of the fragility of the moment. We were able to capture this credo on Friday November 8th. Thanks DFunk…I can’t believe you are a pro, I’m so much better than you (500 G.N.A.R. points)!

Introspect: Zac Marben


Zac Marben has established himself as one of the most well rounded riders to come out of the Midwest.  Listen to his insightful words in this Vans Presents Introspect: Zac Marben short about getting sponsored, filming, and style.  If you ever get a chance to watch Zac ride, you’ll instantly be blown away by his gracefulness, explosiveness, and creative lines – he makes everything look easy and fun.

Hat’s off to you Zac for being a great representative of what snowboarding is truly about.  Your passion for music, art, and snowboarding are beyond inspiring.

2013 Early Season Edit – Elias Lamm

If you ever ride Hyland Hills and see kid that rides like Justin Fronius, but isn’t just Justine Fronius, it’s probably Eli Lamm. The next generation of thrashers are tearing the roof down, and Eli is one of them.

Jossi Wells Chats with PaddyO

Profesional Skier and 2014 Olympian Jossi Wells recently sat down with The House’s PaddyO to discuss the upcoming season, his thoughts on Russia, and the Sea Monkeys that now live in his knees.  Wells has been competing since he was a child. He is a mainstay of the podium, a former World Champion, sponsored by the top companies in the industry, featured in magazines, and considered one of the best Freeskiers in the world. Yet, he does not let this go to his head. He is no prima donna. Wells still finds the joy, love, and fun in his passion. The stoke is still there, very much present, very much palpable. Jossi Wells is a normal sarcastic and fun loving New Zealander who likes working on motorcycles, laughing, and skateboarding. He just happens to be extremely good at something he loves to do.


Jossi’s Beard

Jossi’s Skis

Jossi’s Boots and More

Jossi’s Goggles and Eyeware

Jossi’s Outerware