Round Lake Skate Plaza – Eden Praire, MN


Eden Prairie Parks and Recreation staff has teamed up with Action Sports Design (Carlsbad, CA) to create a new Skate Plaza in the former skatepark location (16691 Valley View Road).

The Round Lake Skate Plaza is expected to open in early October 2012. Get pumped. Read More

New Banana Board

It’s been a long time since I’ve been on an super old school deck.  Sure I have a wide cruiser – but a Banana Board?

Legendary Lance Mountain is fully backing the 70′s toys and ramming them into the forefront of skateboarding’s fun mentality.

Stereo recently released the Vinyl Cruiser, and everyone at the shop loves it!  Once you get over the vintage feel of the ride you’ll be hanging ten in no time.



Enjoyable Skate Edit

Sit back, turn your headphones up and watch some slow-mo skateboarding.

Volcom Stone – Wild In The Parks Stop #5 – St. Cloud, MN 2012

Wild In The Parks Stop #5

The Volcom guys really know how to throw a contest.  This went down at the St. Cloud Skate Plaza on Saturday, July 21st.  Check out 3:34…

2013 Volcom Stone Wild In The Parks Stop #5 Results

14 & Under Division Winners:
1st: Jonathan Reese
2nd: Benny Milam Read More

Torey Pudwill’s Big Bang

PLAN B Skateboards Presents Torey Pudwill’s Big Bang.  This is some of the freshest skating I have seen in a hot minuet!  Torey A.K.A. T-Puds orders up some Big Mac Bangers and upgrades to the super-sized, double deluxe, everything on it, extra pickles with a gallon of special sauce on the side version!  Besides dropping hammers, Torey also runs Grizzly Grip Tape Company  which He started when he was 12 years old!  Torey also has his new signature shoe with DVS, The Torey 2′s which are skate approved with tons of classic styling and a hint of mint to keep things fresh.

Anyway’s sit back relax and grab a friend, to come help put your eyeballs back into your head after they fall out from watching this 6 minuets and 42 seconds of “OH MY DEAR LORD”.