Zoo York: Chad Ortiz

This vid is for everyone.  It’s for the groms who need inspiration.  It’s for the guys who backed out and are now falling back into skating.  It’s for your Mom.  It’s for America.

Redbull: Bomb The Line Skate Contest

We can thank Redbull for this one, and probably the next 50 or so great contests.  I’d skate this over any Street League course.

Skeleton Crew

The Bonfire Skeleton Crew always does it right.

Salomon/Bonfire Team Manager Java Fernandez got all the boys together for a fun week in in beautiful Oregon.  If you ever see a massive group of guys bro’ing down at Cobra Dogs, it’s probably the Skeleton Crew.

Featuring: Jed Anderson & Louif Paradis  - With friends: Java Fernandez, Jake Kuzyk, Ben Biloc, Alex Lopez, Tanner McCarty, Jake OE, Tim Eddy, Joe Carlino, Justin Meyer, Marz Meyer, Mark Dangler, Riley Erickson, and Phil Jacques


Edit: Tanner Pendleton
Video: Tanner Pendleton & Java Fernandez

Monster Children Magazine- Team Average

At 2pm on a rainy Thursday in March we loaded Kevin Terpening, Dylan Rieder, Sammy Winter, Dane Reynolds, Austyn Gillette, Warren Smith and Craig Anderson into a pair of Hyundai Bongo Vans and drove them up the east coast of Australia. One thousand clicks were covered and what could be skated and surfed, was skated and surfed by everyone. The team camped in Forster, Taree and Crescent Head. The Yamba Pub was trashed and Warren coined the term 'skurf.' It was good. This is the result put together by our good friends at Marine Layer.

Rise Above- Skateboarder Buddy Elias

The RideChannel presents the “Rise Above” video series, showcasing individuals who have overcome some of  life’s biggest obstacles. This episode of “Rise Above”  features Skateboarder Buddy Elias who lost his leg due to a rare disease know as Buerger’s Disease.

Buerger’s disease (thromboangiitis obliterans) is a rare disease where your blood vessels become inflamed, swell and can become blocked with blood clots (thrombi). This eventually damages or destroys tissues and can lead to infection and gangrene.

Buerger’s disease usually first shows in the hands and feet and may eventually affect larger areas of your arms and legs. Virtually everyone diagnosed with Buerger’s disease smokes cigarettes or uses other forms of tobacco, such as chewing tobacco. Quitting all forms of tobacco is the only way to stop Buerger’s disease. For those who don’t quit, amputation of all or part of a limb may be necessary.

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