Inside the head of Lance Mountain

Legendary Lance Mountain

Learn about a side of skateboarding that you’ll never see until now.  Thanks Lance!

3rd Lair Summer Series at Little Canada

3rd Lair Summer Series

Team rider Danny Kern represented hard at the 3rd Lair Summer Series skate contest in Little Canada!  Make sure to check out the Midwest Melee at 3rd Lair August 17th-19th!


Round Lake Skate Plaza – Eden Praire, MN


Eden Prairie Parks and Recreation staff has teamed up with Action Sports Design (Carlsbad, CA) to create a new Skate Plaza in the former skatepark location (16691 Valley View Road).

The Round Lake Skate Plaza is expected to open in early October 2012. Get pumped. Read More

New Banana Board

It’s been a long time since I’ve been on an super old school deck.  Sure I have a wide cruiser – but a Banana Board?

Legendary Lance Mountain is fully backing the 70′s toys and ramming them into the forefront of skateboarding’s fun mentality.

Stereo recently released the Vinyl Cruiser, and everyone at the shop loves it!  Once you get over the vintage feel of the ride you’ll be hanging ten in no time.



Enjoyable Skate Edit

Sit back, turn your headphones up and watch some slow-mo skateboarding.