McConkey Documentary To Be Released This Month

McConkey Documentary – Call of the Wild

Shane McConkey is the father of the rocker and reverse sidecut ski revolution. A pioneer in the big mountain ski scene, his innovations and imaginative designs echo in the hearts of ski and snowboard designers. On March 26, 2009 McConkey was tragically taken from this world in a ski-BASE jumping accident. A new documentary chronicling Shane’s prankster antics, life, mission and adventurous spirit is set to begin a national tour this month.  The Shane McConkey Foundation will be taking the film, entitled “McConkey,” on a 20-plus city tour for one night screenings.  The film project will also be available online for purchase on October 8th.

“McConkey” is a celebration of Shane’s life, a nod and thank you to his innovations in the snow action sports genre; but honestly that only scratches the surface. It’s a siren of the omni-searching adventurous spirit that lives somewhere, large or small, within us all. The film pulls on the heart strings of the free, wild soul which yearns to bark its deep, guttural barbaric yulp. Much like his skiing, “McConkey” the Movie sets the bar for all ski films and documentaries to follow. It is the absolute must see of the 2013/2014 Winter Season.

Travis Rice on Shane McConkey:

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The House Interviews


The Gear Junkie Stops by The House!

Stephen Regenold, Editor and Founder of, stopped by The House to talk with PaddyO. Gear Junkie is a Minnesota based Outdoor Adventure blog that reviews gear, follows exciting adventure stories, and covers the outdoor action sports gamut from trail running to cycling to slaying the white on the mountain. Learn about the techy nature of Gear Junkie and what has them excited in the 2014 Winter Season.

Check GearJunkie out for all sorts of exciting adventure stories and informative gear reviews:

Tent Sale – This Weekend Only!


Downtown Throwdown – Teaser

Minnesota nice

New city, new features  and over $20,000 in prize money…it’s gonna be BANANAS! The DTTD has grown from a local DIY project to the most anticipated and respected urban snowboarding event in the world, while entertaining tens of thousands of people over the past seven years in Seattle and San Francisco. This year, event creators Snowboy Productions talked with sponsors and riders about the idea of bringing the DTTD to other amazing cities and the overwhelming response was Minneapolis, MN.
“It’s also a nice nod to Minneapolis-based riders like Zac Marben, Jonas & Jordan Michilot and Jake Olsen-Elm who competed in the early years and have really supported the event” said Krush Kulesza. “We’ve had an amazing run in Seattle and San Francisco, but we’re really stoked on the opportunity to move it around each year and really keep it fresh.”
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E-Gal Eye | Full Movie | And Bald E-Gal’s Ground Control Teaser

If  you are in to urban riding  the Midwest is one of  the  best place to live.  Its not because we have some of the best rail around it really comes down to the community.  We  just  have a great bunch of snowboards who just really love the ride. Which is very evident in all of Bald Eagle Productions videos.

E-Gal Eye Features: Austin Young, Randy Vannurden, Dan Brisse, Shane Ruprecht, Yusaku Horii, Matthew Boudreaux, Cody Beiersdorf, Seth Huot, Krister Ralles. with friends Tommy Young, Erik Zimmerman, Ryan Barker, Charlie Fenton, Peter Limberg, Nate Lavik, Drew Poganski, Bjorn Leines, and more.

If you Like E-Gal Eye your going to love Ground Control. Coming to iTunes this Fall! make sure to check out the teaser below.

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