Go Skate Day 2013 – Minneapolis

Go Skateboarding Day 2013

It’s pretty cool knowing the Minneapolis skate scene is so close.  Go Skate Day 2013 couldn’t have been any better.  Familia organized a police escort from Uptown, through Downtown and into Nordeast Minneapolis, kids where skitching on the squad, and everyone was stoked all day. Enjoy the edit and pics.  We’re already psyched for next year.

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Stair Rover Skateboard

Are Stair Rover boards a step closer to Hoverboards? I hope so.

Ethan Deiss Bonus Days at Troll

Getting late season laps at the park you grew up in is pretty sweet; so is riding for Burton.  Check out hometown hero Ethan Deiss getting some at Trollhaugen.

Windells Session One 2013

The best way to rid Summer Shred Anxiety (SSA) is to watch summer snowboarding.  Windells Session 1 wrapped up a few days ago and the session edit just dropped.  Check it.

Zach Soderholm: Season Edit 2013

It’s always great to see Midwest riders move westward and take what they’ve grown to know on ice and apply it to the the near perfect parks of Keystone, Breck, and A-Basin.  Zach Soderholm took off to Colorado more than a few years ago and well, continued to kill it.  Cheers to you Zach.

Filming: Tylor Berreth, Shamus Lahman, Ben West
Editing: Ben West
Locations: Keystone, Breck, A-Basin
Music: The Hood Internet – Grizzly Bear vs Dead Prez