Mitch Casey – Backcountry

Mitch Casey came into the shop last season to pick up a Burton Freebird Splitboard.  Noticing his Avalon 7 hat I struck up a conversation with him and came to realize that he’s a guy who loves slaying the back and side country.  Mitch sent of some shots and we wanted to return the love.  Thanks Mitch!

Mitch Casey


Brain Farm Skateboarding

From the creators of The Art of Flight, featuring Travis Rice, comes a new skateboard project.  Curt Morgan the cinematographer behind Brain Farm, unleashes his visual mastery with the Phantom Flex 4K video camera – add in some talented skaters and you’ll have a mind blowing experience.  Look for more of Brain Farm to come in the future.

2013 Hot Dawgs and Hand Rails (HDHR)

As you may or may not know the 2013 Hot Dawgs and Hand Rails (HDHR) contest went down at Bear Mountain a few weeks ago.  ThirtyTwo Boots may have the best recap vid of what happened (above).  If you want to check out ALL of the action check out the live webcast recording below brought to you by Snowboarder Magazine…

Ethan Deiss – Bad Ideas

If you think you’ve been shaken up on a snowboard trip, you have no idea; listen to Burton Snowboards’ Ethan Deiss explain the craziest thing that’s ever happened to him on a shred mission.

Ethan will be judging the Trollhaugen rail jam this weekend (10/6/2013), come show him you have what it takes to win.

Justine Pinkerton Full Season Edit 2012/2013

Justine Pinkerton dropped her Full Season Edit a while back and we wanted to show you now.  We’re beyond excited to see our newest snow team addition throw down this weekend at Trollhaugen’s Rail Jam (10/6/2013).  You’ll be seeing a lot more to come from this Rome Snowboards ripper!