Airblaster: Gone Wild Part Two

Gone Wild Snowboarding

After Airblaster’s first installment of Gone Wild – Montana Part 1 at Lost Trail Resort, Ben Lynch, Time Eddy, and Tucker Andrews decided to headed over to Snow Bowl, Bridger Bowl, and Moonlight Basin to shoot Gone Wild Part Two.  If you want to see what snowboarding is all about, you can find it in the short edit above.

For Airblaster gear, check out the link HERE.

The Interior Plain Project – Antique Futuristic Collection Lookbook

The Interior Plain Project

For 2014 The Interior Plain Project launched the Antique Futuristic Collection, a step above and beyond what they introduced into the market last year with the Dark Meadows Collection.  With some of the best graphics that have hit the 2014 season across every board company, a great team, and bombproof gear designed by thrasher to be thrashed hard, you know that The Interior Plain Project is the real deal.


The Interior Plain Project Harrow Snowboard

The Interior Plain Project Harrow Snowboard

The Harrow was cultivated from the idea that press and pop can exist in one board. This concept is delivered through our uniquely profiled core and blended Triax glass which help give you pop from edge to edge as well as that snap we all love in the nose and tail. Laying carbon stringers helps to ensure a season of proper pop while adding a little pop to your own energy. Minimalist camber allows the press to be locked in easier and at the same time allows you to edge your board like you know you should. The board is finished off with a sintered base structure that will maintain the speed needed to launch those “out of the way” gaps you stare at from the lifts or from the car as you roll down the street.

Key Features of The Interior Plain Project Honalee Snowboard:

  • Blended Triaxe
  • Park Profile
  • Proper Profile Core – Warem down
  • Sintered Base – Chasem down
  • Carbon Stringer – Pinem down
  • 9mm Camber

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2014 Sochi Olympic Boardercross Course

2014 Sochi Olympic Boardercross Course 5

Olympic Snowboard and Ski Cross Course Revealed

You’re looking at a sneak peak of the Rosa Khutor Resort 2014 Winter Olympics Sochi, Russia Boardercross (Skicross or whatever) Course. For some reason the discipline is called a few different things; Boardercross, Snowboard Cross, SBX, Skicross, Ski Cross, or SX are a few of the names but they all mean the same thingbut the names mean the same thing, carnage. That’s why, for the remainder of this blog post, the discipline will be written as Carnage Cross.

Carnage Cross is pretty simple, the fastest person down the course wins. It’s skiers vs skiers and snowboards vs snowboarders, but before the athletes race against each other they have to go through an elimination process. Carnage Cross racers do a time trial to be placed into seeded brackets. In Ski Carnage Cross 4 skiers battle head to head, for Snowboard Carnage Cross 6 snowboarders battle head to head until the brackets are closed and there is a final winner.

Okay okay Carnage Cross sounds weird, back to the normal names. The 2014 Sochi Olympic Boardercross / Skicross Course consists of step downs, table tops, berms, rollers, step ups, and shark pits and is roughly 1,250 meters long, that’s 4,101.05 feet, almost a mile! After you’re done watching Skeleton make sure to watch Boardercross, it never disappoints.

If you plan to compete in a Boardercross event this year I highly suggest wearing a helmet.  Check them out HERE.

Images provided by FIS


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Tame The Dragon

GoPro Adventure Series

Chris Davenport, Lynsey Dyer, Travis Rice, and John Jackson crush the Andes Mountains in this new edit from GoPro‘s Adventure Series. The entire clip is shot with GoPro equipment and showcases some brand new and stellar mounting positions. It is an absolutely incredible edit that not only showcases the talent of these world renowned Action Sports Superstars but highlights the love that unites them no matter their discipline. There is not a “rivalry” between sculptors and painters. Why then do we feed a conflict between artists who speak through snow. The scenery is breath taking, the skiing is awesome, the snowboarding is phenomenal, the stoke is universal.


Framed Bikes New Site Has People Buzzing!

So the guys at Framed Bikes launched their new site and leaked some info on their new fat bikes.  Then ran with a story about the new bikes.  So we thought we should give some more info before we have them available for pre-order on


So here’s a quick low down…

The Minnesota 1.0 will be $799 and the Minnesota 2.0 will be $899.

Key differences…

Gearing – The on the Minnesota 1.0 is SRAM X5 1×9 and the Minnesota 2.0 is SRAM X5 2×9.

Tires–   The Minnesota 1.0 has Vee Rubber Mission 72TPI (Wire Bead, 1,800grams +/– 50)
–    The Minnesota 2.0 has Vee Rubber Mission 120TPI (Folding, 1,430grams)

Chain   –    The 2.0 features the KMC X9 chain

Pedals   –   The 2.0 features Alloy Machined Pedals (removable pins)
Finish   –   The 2.0 series has a combo of painted/anodized rims, hubs, seat clamps and head badge.


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The Goods…

The guys at Framed built out a 29er semi slick wheel set (Innova tires) on 135MM front and 170MM rear hubs.  They will have BB5 rotors mounted and the same cassette on the rear hub.  This is to transition from a fat to a light weight and fast street friendly bike. To make the switch from off road all terrain fatties to city slicker slim tires can be done in under 2 minuets, and is completely too-less!  Sell price for the slick tire set will be $249.95. 

These bikes will be available end of January to early February. will be running a promotion on pre-orders of both models…they will be giving away a set of the Fast Switch Wheel set with all pre-orders.

 Let us know if you have any questions and check back in a couple days for a pre-order link!