Triple Backflip On Dirt Bike


Not a lot of people may know about Josh Sheehan but he just did something big.  Late last year Travis Pastrana decided to try a triple backlfip on a dirt bike in to a air bag and he stomped it.  Now Josh Sheehan decided to try it for real.  So the Nitro Circus crew built this giant ramp and giant landing and he stomped the triple backflip on it.

Maybe you BMX and want to step your game up, do it with one of Sheehan’s best sponsors Fox Clothing.

-Scotty P

Frost Tranny Skating



Not much is known about the tranny slipper Niklas “Drängen” Ehnberg beyond that he’s featured in a few random vimeo edits, he skated a town called Soderhamn in Gavleborg County Sweden once, and that he’s the Swedish version of Daewon Song.

Get right into the frost tranny solo session at 2:16, it’ll melt your brain.

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Cryptic at Trollhaugen 3

[vimeo 126011935 w=730]

Cryptic rolled through Trollhaugen on the final open weekends and popped this edit out.

Featuring: Jake Moore, Joey Peterson, Jeffy Gabrick, Matt Boudreaux, Benny Milam, Drew Poganski, Oliver Dixon

14 Minutes of Mark Gonzales | The Gonz


Mark Gonzales has made an impression that will always be present skateboarding.  This true living legend has inspired a countless number of skaters across decades with his creative expression.  There have been many constants in the Gonz’s career, on of them mainly being Adidas.  Find out what has pushed Mark to skateboarding’s royalty HERE.

New Snowboard Tricks

[vimeo 126108176 w=730]

Inspiration that may have started with Technine‘s Lucas Magoon rolling on the snow has moved into the forefront of snowboard pop culture with icons Sage Kotsenburg and Halldor Helgason.  Snowboarding isn’t dead, it’s thriving with fun – and if you can’t see it go back to racing slalom.