Garrett Russell Goes to The Circus

House Team Rider Travels to Japan with LINE Traveling Circus

KONNICHIWA! House Team Rider Garrett Russell joined LINE Traveling Circus for their 5,000 mile journey to Japan. Highlights of the trip: Ramen (lots and lots of Ramen), Monkeys, the smell of foreigners, friendship…oh yeah, and some pretty sick skiing. Check out Garrett and The TC Crew’s shred sesh and creativity on the big island!




The House Ski Team Thrashes at Wild Mountain

Minnesnowta Hammer Down In The Grey

March 21, 2014– It was a warm, greybird day at Wild Mountain. In the early morning, the snow came down wet and heavy, in a furious choke. The Park Crew had spent the week building a channel gap, which had a 60ft transfer, and a Frankenstein rail feature. The snow was turning to sludge, concrete; antagonizing the group of skiers that had assembled to shred. House Team Riders Dan Hampton, Cody Thornberg, and Shane McNally, along with pals Kyle Thornberg, Craig Weiler, Mac Mitchell, Mitch Forsythe, Andrew Tolzmann, and a brief visit from the screamin’ Norwegian Kenny Jorgenson, hammered a stellar full-day session despite Mother Nature’s best efforts to trash the party. Nothing a couple sprays of RainX can’t solve (seriously, these bros sprayed the bases of their skis to make this happen). Big thanks to Kyle Thornberg and the Wild Mountain Park Crew, as well as the entire Wild Mountain Staff.

Music: “Feel The Heat,” WorldCAT Read More

Japan’s Famed Japow

No words are needed to explain why this is a must see. Enjoy this clip of powder skiing in Hakkaido, Japan with SASS Global Travel. This is the same guiding company that House Team Rider Garrett Russell works for. Seems like Garrett’s got the right idea… Read More

Coolest GoPro Footage Ever, Period.

When Flow Snowboards pro rider Mike Basich gets and idea it’s usually a pretty good one.  The idea was simple – start a shot holding a GoPro on a pole and then let it go and have it fly away on a drone collecting the rest of the shot.  What does the future hold for shots like this?

POW! Gretchen Bleiler Smacks Sochi

Former Olympian Calls Putin Out For Olympic Waste

As the hype surrounding the athletes of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics dies down, Gretchen Bleiler, Olympic and X-Games medalist, is trying to keep the buzz surrounding Russian Olympic construction, environmental destruction and subsequent fallout at more than a gentle hum. Bleiler is using her athletic celebrity and Protect Our Winters board membership as a platform to call out the Russian Government and the IOC. Russia spent $50billion on the Olympics…that is one expensive mask!  Read More