Strange Brew | Flower Petals | 2016

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A flower is awe-felt. A true concoction of beauty: patient, individual, and an honest expression of subtlety and reflection of one’s environment. Though the root system, stem, and leaves are vital, and, in that notion, equal in beauty; the pull of the flower derives in the petals. At first, they cocoon the bud, preparing and keeping safe the prized seeds. Then they reveal their personality in bloom. This is what most people like about flowers. And yet, no matter how much pruning and attention you give these precious ones, their time will eventually run; these poor fellas will all drop their petals.
We here at Strange Brew like to think of these photos and our correlated edit as fallen petals. These are all gems to us – yes, they are precious – and yet, they had to go. In a way, our snowboarding is just a game of “She loves me, She loves me not”. Or perhaps we see the transcendent notion of an old dandelion, whose soft white seeds are billowing in the wind, blown in one heap breath from a small child. Maybe, it’s just as simple as a buttercup under your chin, revealing not only whether or not you like butter, but also, more importantly, a smile. Now, with all that pondering properly posed, please take a moment to view our fallen petals. Read More

Climbing Baby

It’s a long way to the top if you want to rock n’ roll, especially for a climbing baby.  Good thing two year old Ellie Farmer has an early start.

Ellie could climb before she could walk and often escaped from her crib.  Her parents Zak and Rachel are avid climbers and introduced her to the climbing gym.  Despite criticism, Ellie’s parent continue to support her climbing habits.

What age do you think is appropriate for a child to start climbing? Do you think climbing on a playground set is safer than in a climbing gym?

Trollrotten 2

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Marcus Rand rolled through Trollhaugen, linked with the local crew, and gave birth to a beauty.

Austin Young, Logan Herber, Tanner Seymour, Kyle Kennedy, Jeffy Gabrick, Jared McDaniel, Jesse Paul, Chris “Murphy” Duncan, Bob Abrams, Ryan Paul, Mike Skiba

Capita Snowboards History

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Capita Snowboards has stayed badass and has devoured everything since day one.  Over the last 15 years Capita has paved the way for expressive creativity through snowboarding and at.  Dive in to the heart of snowboarding and see how it beats.

Strange Brew 2016 Episode 2

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Our last episode highlighted on the sorcery that occurs at Boreal (what they call “Boreal Magic”) and left the viewer on a transpersonal cliff, offering the supposition that perhaps what we are learning from this mountain has meaning beyond an affinity to our snowboards. Well, we kept boarding and we continued to discover new reaches of ourselves, to which can only be attributed to Her magical qualities. She has attracted new faces; those of ancient folklore and some of more recent conquests. Through this change, we have expanded our cult internally and externally: among all aspects of the boarder. Though we pursue this exploration into the mind and core, we still find ourselves as lost as ever. This is neither here nor there, though, as we have companionship and boards and Boreal’s spells to keep our hearts digging in what may not be the right direction . . . but at least it’s some direction.

Midnight Stereo Preview – 猫 シ Corp.
Night Walk – 猫 シ Corp.

Kael Hill
Ian Daly
Freddy McCarthy
Felix MØbarg
Chris Tragos
Marcus Rand
Keegan Hosefros
Tim Humphries
Kai Ujejski
Jacob Krugmire
Casey Pletz
Brett Wilkinson
Keenan Cawley
Riley Nickerson
Jacob Luczak

Brett Wulc
Danny Kern

Brett Wulc
Danny Kern

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