Kayaker vs Hammerhead Shark


“I was trolling for bonito off the coast of Gaviota State Beach when my kayak was hit in the back. I turned around to see a very aggressive hammerhead shark ramming/biting my kayak and decided I needed to defend myself. I hit the shark over and over and over with my paddle before he finally settled down. He then stalked me all the way back to shore, occasionally approaching me again and receiving another paddle to the face. Even after I was on shore, he remained in about 4 feet of water pacing back and forth like he was just waiting for round #2. Haha.”

-Mark McCracken

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Extreme Paddle Boarding


Stand up paddle boarding was ranked as the most popular outdoor activity with first-time participants in 2013. That rise in popularity will likely continue to climb. When “SUP” comes to mind, most people envision a huge, buoyant board floating atop calm waters – and perhaps a mountain landscape or palm trees in the backdrop. Beyond the glassy waters of wind protected lakes, bays and inlets, lies countless other bodies of more aggressive water. Think open water, rivers, whitewater and ocean waves. Adrenaline seekers with loads of paddle boarding experience flock to more lively waters giving birth to extreme paddle boarding.

  • Stand Up Paddle Surfing – Originating as an off-shoot of surfing in Hawaii, stand up paddle surfing has made somewhat of a comeback in recent years. While the sport has never been fully lost, it’s popularity has continued to rise in places other than Hawaii. Paddle boards are much wider, longer and more buoyant than surfboards making them excellent for balance and catching waves. The paddle enables you to get more momentum into the wave. Be forewarned. Paddle surfing take some practice! Once you’re comfortable, there is no wave too small, too messy or too inconsistent for stand up paddle surfing.


  • White Water Stand Up Paddle Boarding – Stand up paddle boarding down moving rivers, a relatively new sport, has seen an influx of participants in recent years. Colorado is the current hot spot for adrenaline junkies who are looking for an accessible and attainable way to hit the whitewater. Unlike a kayak, the fear of flipping upside down is nonexistent. Sure, paddle boarding through some fast white water can be dangerous, but users reported feeling comfortable on the water. No matter how many days you’ve clocked on Colorado’s Arkansas River, a helmet  and white water life vest are a no brainier. Inflatable have also proven to be one of the great option for white water enthusiast. As Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards are very durable and are easy to carry into remote areas.


  • SUP Fishing – Looking to catch some bass in a hard to access corner of a lake? Fishing from a paddle board is an extremely effective way to quietly ambush your target spot and catch some fish. Take fishing for it’s purest form. Because stand up paddle boards are more compact than a small boat, the angler is forced fish from an economic stand point, carrying only what they need and not a lot of extra tackle for those just-in-case moments. Even better, a paddle board can enter the water from any shore point that is accessible by foot.


The House Annual Windsurfing Swap


Looking for some hard to find  Windsurfing gear?  Perhaps, you are looking for a paddleboard or great deal on a used kite. Well, if you live in the Minnesota near Minneapolis & St Paul, you are in luck. It’s time for our Annual Windsurf Swap. It has been a long standing tradition that we host our Windsurf Swap during the first weekend in May and this year is no different. So come on down to The House bring your old gear and see some old friends or make some new ones.

Event Info:

Make sure to come early. The best deals are typically gone by 9am.

Swap Deals

  • 10% off  SUP and Windsurfing Gear – In store only – Get a Free Paddle when you buy a SUP

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DIY Tie-Dye Vans Boardshorts

Vans Tie-Dye Boardshorts

Vans Era Classic DIY Tie-Dye Boardshorts

Vans has always been a cool summer  brand, and it just got a little cooler with the Vans Era Classic Boardshorts.  Each pair of these boardshorts comes as a DIY project that includes Scarlet Red, Royal Blue, Golden Yellow, and Black RIT® DYE – making them completely customizable with unlimited possibilities.  The Vans Era Classic Boardshorts have a 20″ inseam, are water repellant, lightweight, and wear great in and out of water.  Make a statement and express who you with these bad boys.

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Cyber Monday Deals at The House


Okey Dokey Action Sports Fans. It’s Cyber Monday and The House has the greatest selection of toys to ramp up your radical lifestyle and the deals to keep your passions affordable. We have the largest selection of gear and the best deals around. Just click on the image to find affordable gear, incredible deals, and the best equipment to smile on your face and fire in your belly. Happy hunting and enjoy!