Will Gadd ascends Helmcken Falls

World renowned climber Will Gadd has done the impossible, he climbed Helmcken Falls.

The Helmcken Falls are located in the Wells Grey Provincial Park in British Columbia, Canada, they fall on the Murtle River over 150 meters.  Will Gadd’s route ascends 210 meters veritcally and laterally through one of the toughest waterfall climbs in the world.


Traveling Circus in MN

House Riders Andy Parry and Garrett Russell, along with LINE Traveling Circus members Will Wesson and Shane McFalls, fled the western drought and headed to snowy Minnesnowta a few weeks ago to film for LINE Traveling Circus. Episode 7.3 “That’s Different” includes the remarkably weird and funky skiing of LTC and features MN signatures like hotdish, the Mall of America, and rails, rails, rails. I had the opportunity to chauffeur the crew around to Wild Mountain, Trollhaugen, and any/everywhere in the Twin Cities area. They could be the strangest group of skiers I have ever been around and I loved every moment…except for all the discussions about cats. There were a lot.

The Most Incredible Line Ever

Cody Townsend’s line from MSP’s “Days of My Youth” is definitely the line of the year and may be the most insane line of all time. Townsend was just honored with the Best Male Performance and Line of the Year at last weeks Powder Awards for his incredible ski through an enclosed couloir. On the line, Townsend recounts “That line in general had been a thought of mine for years. It’s really hard to find a couloir like that. They pretty much don’t exist. I wasn’t actually that scared up top but it became the scariest line when I was in it. I realized how gnarly it was, how skinny it was, how fast I was going. That was the first time in my life a line has actually gotten scarier after I’ve dropped in.” If you can find a scary, gnarly, more jaw dropping line please let me know. This is some unbelievable skiing. Congratulations and hats off Cody…er, Mr. Townsend, sir.

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How to be a Skier

Well, this is just too good not to share. The fellas at IFHT have done it again. The famed interwebs comics have hit the nail on the head with their latest installment in the “How To Be…” series. This spoof is so humorously accurate you can not help but to chuckle aloud and nod your head in agreement as you roll through your ski memories. Personally, I love videos like this. It helps us all remember that skiing is fun and not to be take too seriously. For God’s sake, pizza those french fries and chill out everybody. It’s time to get seriously ridiculous.

#THANKSJIBBING at Wild Mountain



Saturday, November 22–  Are you fiending to test out the latest and greatest Ski and Snowboard gear for the 2015 Winter Season?! Are you itching to show off your park skills against the best local riders?!  Is your stoke factor through the roof?! This Saturday, Wild Mountain in Taylors Falls, MN will be hosting Demo Days and Thanksjibbing Rail Jam. Beginning at 10am, local snow heros can test their mettle against a special Wild Park Crew set up. All day Saturday and Sunday, skiers and snowboarders can experience brand new tech from Blizzard, Burton, Elan, K2, Fisher, Nitro, Head, Ride, Rossignol, LINE, Salomon, and Zion. Wild Mountain is 100% open! Come enjoy all 26 trails spread over 100 acres of fun!

Thanksjibbing Registration HERE.


More information on Demo Days HERE.