View From A Blue Moon Trailer | John John Florence


View From A Blue Moon Trailer

John John Florence’s deep impact into surfing culture has only just started. John and Blake Vincent came together for their second movie in association with Brain Farm with support from Hurley and Monster Energy to produce View From A Blue Moon.

Traveling earth in search of the perfect barrel, John actually doesn’t need to go far. His home of the north shore of Oahu is a spectacle that has instilled greatness into his riding. Watch John unfold before your eyes in View From A Blue Moon.

Shred Bots | The Manboys Movie


The Manboys Movie

It’s guaranteed to be a good movie if you get goosebumps while watching the trailer.  When will The Manboys Movie be release?  Who knows, but you’ll know when it does. Read More

The Fourth Phase | Travis Rice


The Forth Phase

The release of this teaser marks the 723rd day of production for Red Bull Media House and Brain Farm’s upcoming film “The Fourth Phase”.  Staying patient for two years will have it’s reward.    With never before ridden locations, shocking first descents, and a roster heavier than the Dream Team, The Forth Phase is pushing snowboarding into a new realm of crazy.

How does Travis Rice continue to reach beyond human limits?  That’s an extremely difficult question to answer.  One thing for sure is that his Lib Tech snowboard helps him to get where he’s going.  Throughout The Forth Phase you’ll see Travis ripping on a wide range of his T.Rice Pro Snowboards.  You may not be able to ride like Travis, but you can ride the board that Travis does…

Vans | 50 Year Anniversary


It’s been a long time coming and well worth every second.  Congratulations to Vans on reaching a remarkable milestone, congratulations on being off the wall since 1966.  We’re hoping to wave the checkered flag again in the next 50 years.

Slip into Van HERE.

Human on Board Ep. 5 Vol. 2

[vimeo 157930513 w=73]

As Spring springs & the season winds down, Troll Park Crew and friends inadvertently accelerate the snow melt with heaters & hammers featuring a host of locals and lionhearts. A guest appearance by Halldor & Sage turns up the temp during a jump session on Troll’s Summit Project snow tranny park, while traditional Valhalla maintenance has everyone leaving everything they can on the hill before it’s all gone.

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